Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat: I never wanted to quit the show, says Madhav aka Rohit Khurana

Rohit Khurana in Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat

The lead actor of the desi version of Beauty and the Beast was recently bumped off and wethinks it was the producers’ biggest blunder

We witnessed the sudden death of Madhav aka Ehsaas (Rohit Khurana) in Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat and we were both shocked and displeased. The show is drawing to a close soon, and in a desperate attempt to hike the TRPs the makers opted for this so-called novel idea. But with Rohit gone, where’s the spice?

Khoobsurat is apparently gearing up for a five-year leap on June 26 and the show is rumoured to go off air in August. Aaradhya (Soumya Seth), who has lost her husband, will lose her unborn kid too in the tragedy. Dr Shekhar (Sachin Shroff) will hand over his kid to her and leave for good. The child will be named Ehsaas and five years later Aaradhya will be shown as a more responsible adult, single mom and a famous RJ.

Obviously, she will have another man in her life – will it be Dr Shekhar or a lookalike of Madhav? To confirm this we called up Rohit, who said that he is no longer a part of the show. “I never wanted to quit the show, but I believe it was a creative decision to hike the TRPs. The makers may have wanted to bring emotional quotient into the show by killing my character off.”

So does that mean the show is not ending anytime soon? “It is in the pipeline and under the radar, but nothing has been officially confirmed,” he said. The TRPs are surely running low, so we wonder why take such a drastic step of killing off one of the most popular characters. An emotional Rohit concluded, “I don’t think I am the right person to talk about the TRPs. According to me people have been watching the show. And if the TRPs are low it could be for varied reasons. It could be the time slot or something missing in the story that’s not working in its favour but I can’t really comment on it. I will miss the whole unit, the light and spot boys, the cameraman and directors and couple of my co-actors. In the meantime I’m now looking for other challenging roles. I have a few offers, let’s hope they work out.”Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Deep

    RK, you are one of the best actors of Indian Television…
    You will get the success you deserve… Khoobsurat has become an once-beautiful-now-crap show without you…

    • adhanure

      yes u r right we r proud of u and wishing god to make u the biggest star of television, all 125 crore people r with u.

      • aseema

        if madhav will die we will leave to see the show and i wish god to make flop this show, we r watchin it only for madhav & aaradhya if they r not there we wont see it. i request u to make any changes but but plz plz plz dont experiment on thees two. whatevr do but bring him back,

      • shelia

        I wish him the same too. All the best!!

    • shelia

      I totally agree with.

  • Alia

    Wow he’s so good looking in real life. I can’t believe the producers had to kill him off in order to gain TRPs. I really hope he gets to act in a top show because he’s really versatile. Khoobsurat and Sony TV can go to hell.

    • shelia

      Yes, he is.

  • aseema

    if madhav will die we will leave to see the show and i wish god to make flop this show, we r watchin it only for madhav & aaradhya if they r not there we wont see it. i request u to make any changes but but plz plz plz dont experiment on thees two. whatever do but bring him back either go to hell TV.

  • adhanure

    if madhav will die we will leave to see the show and i wish god to make flop this show, we r watchin it only for madhav & aaradhya if they r not there we wont see it. i request u to make any changes but but plz plz plz dont experiment on thees two. whatevr do but bring him back,

  • shelia

    Madhave (Rohit Khuran) you are the best of best. You did not deserve to die so soon. You should have had chance to experience the forth coming happiness in your
    life after so much of emotional suffering for so long. I thought your son will appear as a young dashing guy in your new look ( your real life look). Anyways, I think your death in this show has RAISED THE BAR OF YOUR POPULARITY EVEN MORE. All the best for your next show.

  • shelia

    Rohit Khurana (Madhave). You Rock!!! You were the center picece of the attraction, you were the Spice, Thrill, and the Spark of the show dil ki nazar se khubshurat. Wow! wow! you did fantastically great in this show. I am sure the public is eagerly looking forward to seeing you in your new look in your next show SOON.

  • shelia

    I hope in the next Sony Television Award Ceremony Rohit Khurana (Madhave) will be awarded the “best actor” Award for dil ki nazar se khubshurat.

  • vanessa

    this is to the director wat a flop serial! the theme was about a frog prince den how can madhav die? the whole story depends on aradhya n madhav how can it take so many turns now its without
    the main character. 4get about the TRP, but if the director pays more attention to the story according to public desire den im positively sure that the ones who r not watching also will start liking it n the trp will boom!
    pls bring madhav back plssssssssssssssssss

    • shelia

      yes, I agree with this comment, bring madhave back in the show please, it is not fair for aradhya either, they love each other so much. please have mercy for their love. thanks.

  • Sindy

    I was talking to my tv hoping madhev wld wake up. That was the best thing of the show! I will not watch it now. H m ayaradha were the glue of the show. Get him back!

  • farida

    Re: dil ki nazaar se khubsoorat. I’m very disapp to seem madhav killed off. This was a unique love story + a very spec message. “Beauty is skin deep” big mistake. I don’t wana watch anymore

  • Achla

    The show is gone down with Madhav gone. I took it out of my PVR listing and dont want to see stress of a young mother suffering. so bring back Madhav or loose audiences.

    • shelia

      I agree with you. Madhave and Aradhya were the perfect lovers. In little Ehssas’s mind is so set up that Madhave is his dad and Aradhya is his mom. I think they should not know the truth to avoid shock and psychological trauma to them. I think Aradhya deserves the right to be little Ehssas’s mom and she also deserves to maintain the emotional connection with Madhave through little Ehssas suppose to be the only child of Madhave and Aradhya……………This could have ended happily as a happy and beautiful family which would have maintained the popularity of this production……………..but by killing Madhave this production sure lost the game.

      Anyways Rohit Khurana you are a ever SHINING STAR. Your fans around the world is praying, sending best wishes for your utmost success. You are an amazing actor. We will look forward to seeing you in the big screen ‘Indian feature film in a Male Lead Role’. Thank you

  • sheila

    Rohit Khurana, YOU ROCKKKKKKK……………………………..
    You are a fantastic ACTOR, I ALL ROUND character. WOW! you do awesome any given role. I am pretty sure you will soon be in the “BIG SCREEN, BOLLYWOOD ‘LEAD’ ACTOR. The love scenes you perform is JUST….JUST HEART TOUCHNG, THRILLING, AND VERY ROMANTIC, wow!!!. Keep up this good work. You better know that BILLIONS of your FANS around the WORLD just LOVE YOU with their HEATS. YOU ARE A VERY PRECIOUS ACTOR who ENTERTAIN THE PUBLIC SO DEEPLY, MAKE THEM HAPPY BY YOUR SHOW. Thank you millions Rohit for coming back to the show for us.

    Your unreasonable, unnecessary DEATH made your fans LOVE YOU MORE. I am still angry about making you die, because you were nit suppose to die, because Aradhya loved you Madhave from her heart. It was really unfair for Madhave and also very unfair for Aradhya. The show could have ended as forever loving husband and wife. wouldn’t that be a beautiful, “dil ki nazar se khubshurat” ending.

    Anyways I am very happy for you, see you soon in BIG SCREEN too. Of course I love Aradhya too, I feel for her without Mathave, a perfect partner, a perfect husband.

  • shelia

    Rohit Khurana millions of your fans around the world like you and love you. Waiting to see you soon in your next show. Your fans are also looking forward to seeing you in the big screen soon. We wish you all the best in your success. You are a great actor. Rohit you ROCKKKK……..

  • glory

    RK you are one of the talented actors of indian television now khoobsurat became worst show without u anyway that nonsense is ending now we want to see u in powerful majestic dashing handsome role waiting for ur comeback

  • Baba

    Up aamirkhan

  • sarendranirmal

    Rohit khurrana u r rock in khoobsurat.I think you great rocks in season 2 of khoobsurat.I would like to watch season 2 and I will madly to watch season 2 of khoobsurat by casting u in this serial.

    • shelia

      ( :, really!!!!! Is there a SEASON 2 KHUBSHURAT BEING CAST WITH Rohit Khurana?..,.Wow I can’t wait to watch it. When is it starting to show? There is none of the shows either in ztv, or sony as interesting like Dil ki Nazar se Khubshurat. Oh! I just cannot wait tom see the Season 2 Khubshurat!!!!!!!………..Ok Rohit we will see you in your Season 2 Khubshurat episodes IN A FORM OF “HOT, DASHING, AND HANDSOME LOOKING GUY (in your real natural look)”.
      Thanks to the director, and the Priducer for bringing Rohit back. ( :

  • shelia

    SURPRISE!!! Watch Rohit Khurana, a Handsome, Dashing, cool, Hot and Spicy Guy in “Sasural Simer Ka”. He is presented as a very badly spoiled – brat of a vey rich and wealthy parents. No romance so far. He likes a NURSE of the hospital where he has been treated for the fracture of his right upper extremity. I hope that pretty nurse will straighten him up to become a nice and romantic guy.
    Anyways, Roht Khurana is a versatile actor. He does very successfully well any given role to act.

    Rohit Ji You ROKKK……………….we will pray hard that one day you will be seen in the BIG SCREEN of Hindi Movies.
    All the best Rohit Ji