Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat: Will the channel take Soumya Seth’s new show off air?

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat: Will the channel take Soumya Seth’s new show off air?

Sony TV’s relatively new show is in deep waters ‘coz of the falling TRPs

Every show is vying for the top slot in the rat race for TRPs. While some succeed, a few are bound to face the flak. Soumya Seth and Rohit Khurana’s new show, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat is currently going through a similar phase. The promos of the show promised great things, but it has been a complete letdown.

The serial has not been providing any drama or excitement, and the chemistry between Aaradhya (Soumya Seth) and Madhav (Rohit Khurana) is almost non-existent. In addition to all this, its 7.30 pm time slot clashes with Star Plus’ now popular show, Saraswatichandra. Going by the ratings, it’s a case of extremes – Khoobsurat received 0.6 TVR, while Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s show got 2.6. With such tough competition, it is bound to face a further drop in numbers.

But this hasn’t dampened the lead actor’s enthusiasm. Rohit believes that the serial is just shaping up and will eventually pick up pace and the numbers too. We sure hope so! ‘Coz if Khoobsurat doesn’t raise the bar, we are afraid the channel may just chop it off – now we wouldn’t really want that, no?

Let’s hope the makers take our warnings seriously and up the quality of their content. Right!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • uma

    it is true the shows quality is degrading day by day even after getting gud reviews the show is not up to the mark the reason is just they are ignoring the main lead madhav and just concentrating on all other nonsense things the concept is beauty and the beast but this triangle luv story is not working it is really boring abhishek and soumya are average actors and the only actor who acts well is rohit and he is not getting any scope there so the ship started to sink going ala hongey now also it is not too late instead of showing all these nonsense and give more scenes of madhav and aradhya (main lead) the trps will soon rise

  • Neha

    Somya Seth doing a great job as Aradhya…no one can portrait the character of Aradhya better than Somya…i m watching this show reason is Somya…..according to me this show will rock in future….somya seth is a Rockstar

  • minie

    No ..there is a strong competition at 7:30 slot as zee n colors shows r alrdy famous .
    n it juz the initial days of the show Khubsoorat let the main story start….n every show take it’s time we can’t judge a show on 1st month.
    Somya is a versatile actress n she is doing a superb job as Aradhya n i am sure the show will Rock:)

  • Gagan

    Shashi & Sumeet Mittal really need to look into this show apart from Diya aur Baati Hum & Punar Vivaah… It is getting boring everyday… Madhav is the main lead but they are completely ignoring his role… I completely agree with the article.. Chemistry between the leads exist only when they show the scenes between the leads, but here no focus is given to that… They have just focused on Rahul and his emotions…
    Rohit Khurana is just fantastic as Madhav… Abhishek Mallik as Rahul needs some acting lessons… Soumya Seth as Aradhya is ok…

  • Irsahd

    khoobsurat show is awesome and no words for soumya as she is fit for the role and no one can ignore that.watching this show just because of soumya & this show will have huge success in coming days.And all the characters are placed in this show are perfect Aaradhya(soumya) you are fabulous and perfect for the role and plzzzzz carry on.
    Request is that to extend this show from Mon-Sun as i can’t wait weekends to get off so i can watch this show on monday.

  • Irshad

    sorry its Irshad not irsahd and Love you Soumya

  • Simran

    aradhya is superb and so is Madhav. Beauty and the Beast. The show is excellent.

    • Ankit

      i agree with simran…

  • Rimpi

    Plz dnt stp ds shw..we all lve ds shw..aur bhi to serials hai jinke trp low hai..to sirf yehi kyun?ds s rlly unfr..its a humble rqst,plz sony tv,plz dont stp ds shw..

  • Rimpi karmakar

    Plz dnt stp ds shw..sirf 2mnths ke trp ko dkh kr aaplok kaise ek shw ko bndh kr skte hai..plz its a humble rpst,dnt rplce ds shw wd sas bina sasural 2..plz sony tv,plz dnt stop ds,we al lve ds shw

  • Rimpi

    Plz dnt stp d shw..we all lve ds shw..

  • sai

    the makers are really messing up the story… 3months leap, now another 5 months leap… finally its said that the story makes us curious as they are going to kill madha/ehsaas!
    story of ehsaas without his presence.. wahrewah!!!
    if they kill him i m not going to watch the show….

  • shelia

    please bring rohit back in the show dil ki nazar se khubshurat in a new dashing look, for aradhya, and show more love scenes between them. rohit is fantastic actor, he is so….so………romantic, who touches and thrills the hearts of the public. ???? may be he had a brother who got lost many years ago due to whatever reason at that time ???? thanks.