Dilip Kumar is an Amitabh Bachchan fan!

Amitabh Bachchan shares what the veteran actor wrote about him on his blog in the form of a letter

Everyone knows that Amitabh Bachchan is big admirer of Dilip Kumar and considers him as his inspiration in Bollywood. But not many know that Dilip Saab himself is a huge Amitabh fan!

The legendary actor wrote a letter about his love and admiration for Big B and his work, on his blog a year ago. But it seems Sr Bachchan has discovered the post only last night, thanks to a member of his Extended Family (his fans and readers). Big B shared it on his Facebook page, saying, “I just came across a most treasured letter written by the mighty Dilip Kumar, Yusuf Khan or respectfully Yusuf Saheb, on my Blog copied for me by my EF Anthony .. This is undoubtedly the biggest for me .. From my inspiration and my idol to receive this is just unbelievable ..”

We reproduce the blog here verbatim. Take a look:

“FB 41 – Dilip Saab wrote on his Blog ….

Dilip Kumar : Personal Blog

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Amitabh and my admiration

My Dear Amitabh:

With tears of pride in her eyes Saira handed over the print out of your eloquent tribute to my work in your blog. I read it once, then again and again.

As you yourself would be keenly aware, we actors are completely oblivious of ourselves and our surroundings while we perform and, even when we watch our work in the rushes shown to us, our senses and vision are trained to detect shortcomings more than accomplishments. That’s the only way we know to improve and render performances that come close to our own satisfaction. And it is always the audience who have the absolute right to acclaim or reject our work, however hard we may have worked to achieve perfection and excellence.

I am certainly privileged to know from your affectionate compliments that someone as knowledgeable and competent as you has liked my work. Yes, now that you have reminded me, I can recall the scenes that brought us together before the cameras for Shakti. I should say the respect and admiration are mutual. Not just Shakti, your work in several films I have watched has been world class and inimitable. In recent times I can remember Black and, if I remember right, Saira and I were at a loss for words at the premiere night, after the curtain came down, to express our myriad feelings of admiration for your outstanding performance. It is a pity the film missed the Oscar nomination. If any Indian actor, in my personal opinion, deserves the world’s most coveted award, it is you. I have heard so much about Paa which we didn’t catch up with. You know how Saira is—she never could see me die in my films and she could not muster the courage to see your death scene in Paa.

Thank you, Amitabh, for your warm love and good wishes. May God keep you, Jaya and your family happy always.


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