Divyanka Tripathi faces OBJECTION from hubby Vivek Dahiya on their very first Karwa Chauth

Now, Karwa Chauth is all about celebrating love, togetherness. It’s an indian ritual where the wife fasts for her husband and wishes for his long life. But guess Vivek Dahiya is not as excited as wifey Divyanka Tripathi about their first Karwa Chauth this year. I mean, not that he hates the festive but the fact that his sweetheart will have to stay hungry all day is making him feel horrible. At least that’s what Divyanka confessed in this recent interview with an online portal. Also read: Divyanka Tripathi Vivek Dahiya Wedding: Check out all the DREAMY pictures of this glitzy affair

Elaborating on how Vivek didn’t allow her to keep her first Karwa Chauth, Divyanka said, “Vivek is totally against it as he simply doesn’t want me to fast and remain hungry. He keeps telling me that we are together and happy so why fast and strain yourself. However, I am adamant that I will observe the fast because, apart from being an important ritual, it is romantic too (chuckles).” Ahan…not bad Div!

Probe her further if she’s even expecting any surprise from Vivek and she adds, ” I am not expecting anything from him. If, I come to know that he, too is fasting or something, I will go and feed him myself (Laughs). Because, I know he cannot remain hungry and has to be well-fed. Apart from that, we will go on a late dinner together. If he comes up with any surprise, I will be happy and even if not, I will be equally happy.” So much love no? Also read: Vivek Dahiya has been forced to indulge into PDA by Divyanka Tripathi!

For all the ignorant, Divyanka and Vivek got married in July this year in one of the dreamiest wedding ceremonies. The couple compliments each other way too well not only in terms of looks but even the way how they understand each other and know what’s best for them. Indeed, they couldn’t have got a better happily ever after than this or let’s say, ‘Yeh Hai asli Mohabbatein’ , amirite?

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