Posted Mon, November 12, 2012 9:30am IST

Every woman harbours a secret desire to sparkle during Diwali. And since it’s that time of the season when we don’t mind going all garishly glittery, we pay tribute to this happy fest by taking a look at Bollywood babes who have impressed us in their bling avatar

Diwali is the time when not just the city is illuminated with lights, but people celebrating the festival are agleam in their shiny clothes. While ethnic outfits seem to be high in demand, a bit of sparkle is essential to complement the festive mood of the season. And while some end up looking like brand ambassadors of a cheesy faux jewellery brand, there are also women who know how to carry bling with great style and confidence. Most of Bollywood’s ladies, for instance, are experts in wearing the right kinda sparkly style. Here are a few sexy examples…

Photos: Yogen Shah