Posted Sat, November 10, 2012 9:30am IST

Indian daily soaps work not because the story is widely unique, but mainly ‘coz the lead pairs have a sizzling chemistry that pulls at the audiences’ heartstrings

Most television series run on the same plot line where boy meets girl, they fall in love or hate each other until they fall in love, get married and then are separated, only to remarry after years or post a time leap on the show. That has been the popular trend for a very long time and we don’t think it’s about to change any time soon. Surprisingly, the Indian audiences have been lapping it up, with a few very occasional complaints. Now the credit we believe mainly goes to the leading jodis who manage to create this magic on the idiot box.

So this Diwali season we bring you the dhamakedaar couples –  from the television industry who rock it on the small screen. Let us know if you agree…