Posted Wed, November 14, 2012 9:00am IST

We track the journey of a handful of B-town celebs who were barely-known-wannabes until they made that noteworthy transition to headline grabbers in one clean sweep

Who said it’s easy to break into the glitzy world of Bollywood? In today’s age and times, when competition is getting fiercer by the day and the attention spans are at almost-rock bottom, it’s not easy to grab eyeballs.Yet these shining, new-age celebs, who were almost nobody till yesterday, have suddenly emerged as household names. Thanks to a curious turn of events or the skills they have mastered, these stars have come a long way to bask in the glory of their new-found fame. In other words, they were just simmering lavangi till last Diwali, but have now become earsplitting atom bombs. Take a look at our interesting list of celebs who marked that historic transition in a more than noteworthy way….