Diya Aur Baati Hum: What should Sandhya do to get in shape?

Our leading lady is all set to start her training as an IPS officer, but we wonder if she is physically fit enough for the job?

Sandhya Rathi (Deepika Singh) has proved her intelligence and knack of solving puzzles, but is brain power the only thing required when training for Indian Police Service (IPS)? There’s a tremendous amount of physical exertion that goes into finally becoming a police officer, but somehow we do not find Sandhya that fit to get into the part. She may have cleared her entrance but will Sandhya pass the physical examination test?

Of course, knowing Suraj Rathi (Anas Rashid) it will ultimately come down to him to help his wife get physically fit to pass the final test. We have a few ideas too and if Sandhya follows our advice, passing the physical test could get a little easier.

# Sandhya should stop sweet intake. Well being a sweet maker’s wife; that could be tad difficult.

# Sandhya could begin with jogging, but how will she manage that with Bhabho’s (Neelu Vaghela) rules about saree and pallu on the head?

# Sandy can try and workout in the local gym, but we doubt they have a ladies gym in Pushkar yet. Guess she will have to make do with a regular unisex gym. Now wouldn’t that be fun to watch!

# Avoid desi ghee! It’s a thing of the villages to have rotis, dal, and vegetables in pure ghee. Maybe our heroine should shift to salads.

# Combat skills are a must for any officer; for Sandy, fighting in the akhada will not be possible. Maybe they could have fighting classes right at home. Hey, probably Bhabho can try her hand in it too!

If you have any more suggestions for our Diya Aur Baati Hum  jodi, feel free to write to us!