Diya Aur Baati Hum: Will Sandhya manage to tackle the naxalites successfully?

Wed, April 2, 2014 8:30pm IST by
Diya Aur Baati Hum: Will Sandhya manage to tackle the naxalites successfully?

Sandhya Rathi is at the academy training and the last portion of their course is left

Danger is looming above the trainees’ heads and Sandhya (Deepika Singh) has always been ready for all the challenges life has thrown at her, but this time it’s a life and death situation. Sandhya and her troop are training in the forest and a naxalite group of armed men are keeping a close watch.

According to the previous episodes, the militants want Officer Singh (Maninee Mishra) to train their men for combat. However, their first plan flops when they try to hold Roma (Charu Asopa) for ransom in return of Officer Singh. The plan backfires when Sandhya comes to Roma and Officer Singh’s rescue dampening the militants’ agenda.

The naxalites’ group has sworn to get hold of Officer Singh by hook or by crook. And apparently for that same purpose they sent one of their own men in the police academy disguised as a student. Knowing Sandhya, we are sure she will be the first one to discover the identity of the man who is posing as a student.

When in doubt everyone will assume that Zakir (Neil Bhatt) is the militant ‘coz of his nature and authoritarian attitude, but Sandhya will not agree. Will Sandy find the mole in their academy or will Officer Singh surrender in front of the militants?

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  • Sunita

    I think the mole is Roma. She saw Zakhir tampering with Sandhya’s compass and switched the compass out so she would have an excuse to “lose her way” and get captured by the enemy camp. The leader of the enemy camp is her father and he set it up 11 months ago for Roma to join Officer Singh’s training academy for this very purpose. Since Roma is the mole, she is nervous when Rahul mentions introducing her to his family. She’s really falling in love with him but when he finds out her motives, there will be much conflict in the air! This is my theory and I think I am right!

    • sora

      Well u have got a good theory though will look forward for sure