Fire on the sets of ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’

The crew were shooting a Diwali special episode when the incident occurred

It’s not easy to shoot special episodes for a daily soap, when the shooting schedule is anyway so hectic. And it gets even worse when there is an accident on the sets. The cast and crew of Star Plus’ new show Diya Aur Baati Hum found that out the hard way during the shoot of the Diwali special episode.In order to give a realistic feel to the episode, the crew burst several crackers. One of the crackers accidentally set fire to a flower pot. No one realised it initially as a black screen made for the shoot was blocking the view. However, the screen soon caught fire and smoke started spreading everywhere. That’s when everyone realised what’s happening, and they immediately abandoned the sets. However, Anas Rashid, who plays the main lead, Sooraj in the show, downplayed the incident. He told, “It was not a major thing, but a small fire. We all ran out of the set when we saw the fire and the shoot came to a standstill for some time. But everything was fine after some time.”