Do Ram Kapoor, Sanaya Irani, Rajat Tokas and Ankita Lokhande need an attitude adjustment?

Ram Kapoor, Sanaya Irani, Ankita Lokhande

What is it with stars and their starry tantrums? People make television actors into stars, and take them to a position of adoration and adulation. But when these same celebrities forget their roots, it’s not as happy a story, no? People fall in love with actors and the characters they play, but do you know what these stars are like off the small screen? Read on…

We often hear about Bollywood actors throwing their weight around to get things done their way. So when TV stars are giving tough competition to B-town celebs in every aspect, how can they stay behind in this case, hai na?. Ram Kapoor, Tina Dutta, Surbhi Jyoti, Ankita Lokhande, Sanaya Irani and Rajat Tokas have all managed to charm the audience with their acting prowess. But their goody-goody image is strictly restricted to onscreen. Off screen, these television celebs are rather known for their high-handed behaviour and it’s the media who bears the brunt. Don’t believe us? Read on and get to know your favourite TV actors a bit better…

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  • Nisha

    Tell the truth…
    They denied you an interview hence they need attitude adjustment … !?

    I think you guys need journalism adjustment instead !!!

  • surbhi

    What CRAP ! Can’t believe Sanaya’s and Rams name here ! Get a life ! You can write anything who cares abt ur trashy gossip!

    • SIFAN87

      Agree with you completely.

  • Sami

    Out of everyone, I am pretty sure Sanaya would be the last person to need an “attitude adjustment”. Maybe the media needs to calm down a bit and let them live their life. Sanaya is one of the most down to earth actresses, despite her popularity. Her fans know so, and believe in her. Maybe it’s the media, which is the problem.

  • pooja

    nowadays cant just understand wat is d prblm of d media?? get a life guys! stop defaming rajat, got it! his fans know very well wat he is so ur crap news will not bring any change . better collect some true news