Do Sonal Chauhan and Neil Nitin Mukesh make a hot pair in 3G?

The duo showed some amazing chemistry in a photo shoot for their upcoming film

Although they may not be dating in real life, Sonal Chauhan and Neil Nitin Mukesh’s onscreen chemistry can definitely be noticed at the photo shoot they did for their latest film, a thriller titled 3G.

The pair looked quite hot during the shoot with well known Bollywood photographer Vikram Bawa, as he captured the two in an intimate setting. And though there was some amount of blood and gore in the shoot, considering it was for a scary movie, the duo looked completely at ease as they simulated the lovemaking in front of the still camera.

Though, when you look closer, Sonal definitely seems a bit miffed with Neil. Well, we think the babe has not yet forgotten Neil for the cheeky, misleading interview where he announced that he was tying the knot with her. Poor girl! She has deftly managed to overcome her feelings of disgust it seems, but not entirely! Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself!