Do we really need a ‘Singham’ sequel?

Tue, July 10, 2012 7:30pm IST by
Do we really need a ‘Singham’ sequel?

Ajay Devgn will be collaborating again with his blockbuster director Rohit Shetty. But is there any more that they can do with the story of Bajirao?

The celebrations for the success of Bol Bachchan are still on, and Abhishek Bachchan can finally brag about a superhit film after ages. Obviously the success of this film has more to do with his co-star Ajay Devgn and director Rohit Shetty. While we were wondering what made the film work, despite the over-the-top hamming in the garb of acting and brainless comedy, we just heard that Shetty and Devgn will be making a sequel to their blockbuster action film Singham.

Confirming this in a recent interview the gleeful director said, ““One of the reasons I was keen on a Singham sequel is because this film got Ajay and me tremendous respect from the cops and the janata. It has been playing on a certain television channel since August 2011 for 35-40 consecutive weeks. The story of Singham 2 will be original. We found a fresh story for the sequel and that is why we started talking about Part 2. Singham was a remake, but our sequel is not a copy.”

Agreed, Singham made a lot of money for you all and earned brownie points for Devgn too, but aren’t we doing the sequel overkill in Bollywood, Mr Shetty? And what about Chennai Express? Ditching Shahrukh Khan for the ‘Son of Sardar’, are we?

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  • Harpreet

    Dear Jealous Writer,
    Rohit in an Interview said he will be starting Singham Sequel after completing Chennai Express with SRK, so where is the question of ditching SRK. and you think what made bol bacchan work lol, get a life, Numbers speak itself , it worked due to the fact that people have liked the film. Leave your Trash somewhere else…I will make you think MILK NO#6 lol………..

    • Neetesh

      Harpreet bro u r right…. Media only liked SRK jo ab acting karna chhod chuka hai….. Ajay has won two national awards but he never proud. and he is doing his best in all films.
      But they are jealous about ajay success.

      • Chandra Sekhar

        ekdum sao taka sahi bola biru, media jhut mut srk pe marta hay jise acting nahi ati, aur ajay ko jindegi bhar nicha dikhaya jo ek down to earth person hay, asli bat hay agar amitsir ke bad koi angry emage ko apne sholdur pe leke chal sakta hay who sirf ajay. what ajay is getting he deserve that honestly. writer sahab ajay ko jealous mat karo, I can tell u like him you will not get any personality in film industry for next 100 years with such unconventional look(earlier years) is having such persona on screen. bahut kuch bol sakta hu par keya fayda.

        • ankitgajjar

          ajay ki eye bohat mast h…acting m sb s best h… ajay ji ko 1 reqwest h..wo lagtar media s tuch m s age rho

        • Angel

          I agree U

  • Neetesh

    Shahrukh ki movie dekhne se accha hai singham dekhna kam se kam acting to hogi…..

  • prem jat

    ajay best ….kyuki uski acting mai dum h

  • Sayam

    obviously ! dis is the best movie till date of ajay ! he must wake up n stop signing films like ‘Son OF Sardar’ !

  • AMIT


  • veenay

    we r aggresively for the sequel of singham

  • Abhijeet kalekar

    Bol bachchan really a big entetainar,but now we have to watch singham sequal because It’s going to biggest grosser of u rohit sir and Ajay…. Of your intire career it’s my wish and it’s my pleajure to comment about !

  • Abhijeet kalekar

    Ajay ke zameer mein dum hai kyon ki woh Bagirao ”SINGHAM”hai..

  • Abhijeet kalekar

    Ajay ke zameer mein dum hai kyon ki woh Bagirao ”SINGHAM”hae..

  • Satyam tiwari (pursayen)

    Singham is best action movie in bollywood so part 2 to banna he chahiye ajay devgan is great actor

  • saurav

    ya we must want that make a singham sequel…..because singham is a great action movie,,,,and ajay devgn is a great actor so we must want to see him in singham 2…….