Do we really want a Himmatwala remake?

Do we really want a Himmatwala remake?

Cineswami asks why a lousy film like 1983′s Himmatwala is being remade

It’s a debate as old as the hills – should we remake the classics, updated for a new, illiterate generation who are not likely to have watched Sholay but have seen Rowdy Rathore scores of times? Farhan Akhtar effectively put an end to the debate when he made a sleek, modern version of Don and less successfully so with Don 2 (note to Shahrukh Khan fans, this is not an attack on him. And Salman Khan fans, please note that he is as untalented as SRK. Aamir Khan rules. Saif Ali Khan doesn’t exist).

While we are on the subject of youth, a movie journalist (for want of a better term) barely out of nappies proudly proclaimed to Cineswami that he had never seen Mughal-E-Azam and had no plans of watching it and then he looked like the fool he is when he asked Katrina Kaif why she was in a funny costume in the ‘Anarkali’ song (Kaisa yeh ishq hai) from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Anyway, while the jury may be out on remaking the classics, Farhan Akhtar be damned, the question is: why is a lousy film like Himmatwala being remade? It is at best, a camp film with a bewigged Jeetendra going through the motions and Sridevi doing her Tathaiyyas. Nostalgia is a powerful memory tool and it is considered cool to coat our collective recollections with this and treat K Raghavendra Rao’s Himmatwalaas a classic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Barring a memorable performance by the late, great Amjad Khan and some campy song sequences, the 1983 Himmatwala has nothing going for it. Simply put, it is a rank, bad film.

And therein lies the answer as to why Sajid Khan is remaking it. It’s because of its sheer badness. Here is a director (for want of a better term to describe Khan’s function on set) who revels in making unoriginal, copied, terrible films that are a disgrace not just to cinema but also to humanity in general. Housefull, Housefull 2, Heyy Babyy, anyone? At least now he’s doing a legal remake. No doubt after Sajid has wreaked havoc on it, posterity will look back upon Jeetendra’s Himmatwala as a classic. Sajid is well aided by his leading man Ajay Devgn, a performer so wooden and disinterested he makes Jeetendra look like an actor.

The Himmatwala mahurat was broadcast live on Youtube. What a stunning piece of breaking news. Bring on the dancing girls, distribute rupee coins to beggars and get a 100 indigent couples married off in a mass ceremony. And it’s also good to know that superstition is alive and well in Bollywood. A wag from the Himmatwala set says, “Sajid wanted everything to go perfect in the very first take. He is a little superstitious about the mahurat shot and wanted to incorporate it in the film, as it is without any edits or retakes! And much to everyone’s excitement, everything went off as it was planned, as this was the first time a mahurat was broadcasted live on such a humongous platform.” Whoopee do.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Lone Abid, Bandipora Kashmir

    Ajay is one of the best actors we have in bollywood. He can play any type of role very nicely. He is real king of bollywood.

  • DJ

    (note to Shahrukh Khan fans, this is not an attack on him. And Salman Khan fans, please note that he is as untalented as SRK. Aamir Khan rules. Saif Ali Khan doesn’t exist).
    very well said……totally agree

  • naaz

    (note to Shahrukh Khan fans, this is not an attack on him. And Salman Khan fans, please note that he is as untalented as SRK. Aamir Khan rules. Saif Ali Khan doesn’t exist).

    what makes amir rule? he is equally bad, palying a college boy at the age of 45. an overactor, especially in ghajini. he was good in lagaan and tzp, but thats about it. he was noting special in 3 idiots.

    saif doesnt exist??? even after dil chahta hai, omkara, ek haseena thi???

    (Ajay Devgn, a performer so wooden and disinterested) > dude, he is a 2 time national award winner. do i need to say more?

    Wake up cineswami, you come across as the most idiotic person and unknowledgeabl writer. having an opinion is fine, but dont write them as facts.

  • Suleman

    Akshay kumar is really a very talented person in film industry
    in every movies he prove himself he is one of the best actor in hindi cinema

  • Amit sarkar

    ajay ajay and only ajay

  • Deepak Verma

    yes i really want to see himatwala of ajay devgun

  • Artid

    hahaha..sahil..if u really wanna prove akki is bteter dancer atleast put somee good dance videos of akki..not the crap ones u put..difference between sallu n akki dance is tht sallu looks like he is having fun while dancing whereas akki looks like he is trying to enter a dance competition hence sallu dances are more memorable..whereas akki exercises very well in his dances

  • Altaf Aziz

    J0ke of the day :
    Aamir khan is talented ….hahahahahahahaha . . . . .I d0n’t understand what the hell this D0g khan (Aamir khan) is d0ing in the film industry .
    He is as illiterate , ugly ,talentless as salman khan . He sh0uld be kicked out of the b0llyw0od.He and salman have always been trying to c0mpare with the King khan , Shahrukh khan .
    0ut of the t0tal w0rld p0pulati0n 6 billi0n , m0re than half are the fans of the megastar Shahrukh khan i.e 3.5 billi0n pe0ple like him .
    So , it’ll be much better f0r the gutkha addicted fans of salman and aamir to shut their d0g cum filled m0uths rather than talking n0n sense about Shahrukh khan .

  • Diviya

    Shahrukh ke fans hamesha hi insecure rhete tabi bollywood ki pehli 100 crore aur 200 crores ki movie dene wale blockbuster actor aamir ko untalented kh rhe h ,jise puri duniya ke critics salaam krte hain.Shahrukh ki ravaan 100 crores disasters mein se ek hai,bloody jelous people apne actor ko bolo kuch naya kare