Do you know who Meera is?

Remember we asked you who Meera actually is in the song Go meera go from Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap? Well, the connection goes back 30 years…

Amitabh Bachchan, who decided he wanted to be called ‘item boy’ with the song Go Meera Go from BHTB, made the audience wonder who exactly Meera is supposed to be. And we asked you to guess, if you recall. Well, to set the record straight, it’s not Hema Malini or Raveena Tandon, and neither is it Sonal Chauhan or Charme! It’s actually the Meera he sang of about 30 years ago in the song Pag ghoongroo bandh Meera naachi thi from the film Namak Halal. It is a classic bhajan that Meerabai sang to her beloved, Lord Krishna, saying that she tied bells around her ankles and danced in praise of Him. In Go Meera the Big B grooves to the remixed version of the old Pag ghoongroo song, which you would have first heard and seen – if you were around then, that is – in 1982, and then raps in English about how he loves to see Meera move to the music. So, in essence, ‘Meera’ stands for all those hot babes in town that Bbuddah has a crush on! Well, now that the mystery is solved, you can make more sense of this number and not make such a song and dance about the mysterious lady in Amitabh’s life, right?

Watch: Go Meera Go