Do you like Akshay Kumar’s spiky shoes in Khiladi 786?

The actor is seen in mojri-like footwear worth Rs 3 lakh in his new film Khiladi 786

Akshay Kumar has shelled out an exorbitant amount of money only to sport an unusual pair of shoes in his new film Khiladi 786. The spiky golden mojris are designed by Christan Louboutin, and are created to complement his rustic look in the film. In one scene Akshay is seen teaming his expensive shoes with a red lungi. The style is very Punjabi, with a quirky..err..spiky twist, of course.

As Akshay gives his Khiladi avatar the magical touch of a reputed French designer, we are not exactly in awe of his new style statement. Spiked shoes are very rock-chick, a statement which looks best on a Rihanna or a Lady Gaga. In Bollywood, we see someone as daring as Kangna Ranaut strutting around in lethal spiked footwear. But Akshay…?

Shahrukh Khan sported a similar style in the fairly recent past – he showed it off on Twitter. And he had bragged about how he loves wearing them ‘coz his daughter Suhana is fascinated with the pointy design. Well, we suggest that presumably mature boys like Akki and SRK reserve the whole spiky look for all the adventurous rock chicks out there. It’s simply not their style thing! And as we point our judgemental fingers at Akki’s pointy shoes, we hope the pointed message has reached him, loud and clear!