Do you like the ‘Jism 2’ poster?

We saw the super sexy titillating reference image of Jism 2 starring adult film star Sunny Leone and thought it was very artistically shot. What’s your take?

No, the lady you see lying in her bare nothingness in this poster is not porn star Sunny Leone! She’s an unknown model covered in a wet white cloth revealing just enough to make it look very aesthetic – though the opinion on this one is bound to differ! Pooja Bhatt, the producer of the film has said that her upcoming film Jism 2 is not just about the body – the literal meaning of jism. But the poster is spelling a bold and brazen attitude towards sensuality. Bordering on erotica, this poster talks a lot about what we can expect from the film. Remember Bipasha Basu, the protagonist of Jism mouthing the bold line, “The body doesn’t know love, it knows only lust.”? Taking us back to the sensuality and titillation of the first film, this poster is reinstating Brand Jism in a bold yet very artistic way. We loved the way lighting has been used to depict the power of nudity. But do you think Sunny Leone will look good like this?