Do you think Katrina Kaif’s latest sizzler ‘Chikni Chameli’ is in bad taste?

Yes, you can’t get over Ms Kat in a teeny weeny choli and dangerously low ghaghra, making unabashed hip and bosom movements. But what happened to the sophistication with which she belly-danced in Sheila ki jawaani?

Finally, we got to watch the most-awaited item song of the year, Chikni Chameli from Agneepath. Undoubtedly, Katrina Kaif has surpassed her own high standard, the one she set with the spicy sizzler Sheila ki jawaani. However, we think Chameli’s vigorous body movements in this one may not be as pleasing on the eye as those sexy, sinuous, sensuous belly dancing moves that Sheila managed. While belly-dancing has become the new salsa, the bosom jiggle a la Chikni Chameli may not have as large a fan following.We don’t think there will be many women who would like to wiggle like Chameli. If you look at the 2 minute 13 second-long video, it seems Ms Kaif was determined to shed all her inhibitions when she got on the dance floor and set it – and every male hormone – on fire! Or maybe she was motivated by dear friend-and-co-star Salman Khan’s unabashed, sometimes vulgar dance moves. Remember how Sallu jiggled his pants pockets and touched his derriere in last year’s chartbuster Dhinka chika from the blockbuster Ready? Perhaps that’s where Kat got the idea to swiftly shake her booty, jiggle her bosom, wiggle her waist and throw her arms around like a man sitting on something uncomfortable (and, no, we are not being suggestive here, honest!). Do you think that’s how a lady should dance, even if she intends to seduce a man? We are certain that while most men will love this song, women may have their apprehensions watching Chikni Chameli groove. What do you think of the song and Katrina’s dance steps? Tell us…

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