Do you want to see Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif together again?

Do you want to see Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif together again?

Not in real life, but onscreen and soon!

Most BollywoodLife readers voted on our site that Katrina Kaif looks best in love onscreen with Salman Khan, and Ek Tha Tiger’s Rs 200 crore-plus box office figures reinforced the truth that the former twosome, now good friends, definitely makes magic when the stars come together, onscreen and off. It’s unfortunate though that the real life magic didn’t last forever…not even as long as we would have liked it to.

But let’s not get sentimental like Karan Johar’s sugary-sappy movies about what didn’t happen with the good-looking couple. We do know what is happening between Sallu-Kat – sounds odd? Listen up! Our spy says, “After the phenomenal success of Ek Tha Tiger, the Khan khandaan is planning a home production starring the superstar and his ex-ladylove.”

Looking at the comfortable camaraderie Sal-Kat shared during the ETT promotions we are certain they wouldn’t mind coming together again for a blockbuster. So this news should bring a smile to the faces of Sal-Kat’s fans and give them a reason to dance with joy, na?

But we just have a small piece of advice for the makers of the future film – ensure that the plot isn’t similar to ETT, Sal-Kat’s extended honeymoon in exotic locales of the world that was interrupted by a few troublemakers here and there.

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  • shekhchand

    yes i want to see once again and forever off screen and on screen

    • mahi

      yes i want see the together

      • asim

        yes i want to see the together salman and kat you most cuple

  • shailesh

    qASD Cf badz

  • I wanna also see once again together.

    Yes,i wanna see once again.& forevr

  • Beingamitosh

    Really happy and wish they get settled in real life too.

  • sbg

    yes ofcourse in reel life and real life too

  • Asim

    Alwasy together

  • Syed Abdul Khader

    Yessssss,not in one film but more and more films to see together. Inshallah they settled in real life soon……….

    • rohit

      no in real life katrina will marry from perhaps from ranbir kapoor never from salman

  • sara

    to me i love Salman khan i don’t care hes person life that hes chose what he want

  • Alamgir sk


  • nitesh jain

    no we dont want to see salman-katrina again on screen

  • Ash

    I want to see Salman with newer people, like Diana Penty. I think they’d make a fabulous couple!!!

    • katie

      me too agree with u he should keep his credit of working with new girls all the time like diana, Ileana, Parineeti and more

  • Milind

    He he he …….compare height of salman and Katrina ……

  • jargan

    No, we want to see salman with new girl coz now katrina doesn’t look good… but salman is still handsome

  • Jatin

    Salman with Ilena…

  • Sophi

    Jatin… good idea he should share screen with Ileana

  • sanjana

    Salman wt deepika

  • rohit

    Salman wt asin

  • rohit

    Salman wt asin not deepika

  • angle

    I love you both and wish 2 c yah 2gether but in on screen jodi kate is 4 the super hero akshay kumar!


      HI !!!!! I AGREE WTH U :>

  • suresh

    no dont want to see them again

  • vijay

    salman n kat looks good together. i wish they get married soon. ranbir will never accept her in real life. so she is wasting her time waiting for him.

  • z

    no not at all kbhe dekhnapasnd ni krenge harami aur kanjar salman ko kat k sath kbhi ni never

    • Monika Singh

      Yes, you are right we don’t want them together again.


        WHY ?????

  • asim

    salman is the best hero

    • taneesha gomes

      but i just love to see them together they look so cute together

  • taneesha gomes

    i just love to see them together they look cute together i hop they get married

  • shamim

    we love salman khan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is the best hero in the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,katrina kaif is the best cute heroine in the world,,,so all of salman supporter want that,,,,,,,,salman get marry katrina ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Ankit kumar

    I would like to see katrina kaif and salman khan as a couple in real life. They both are made for each other. Katrina kaif is the best actress

  • rizwan

    i like your mirggad sulman and katrina

    • rizwan

      i wish you marriage sulman bhai and katrina

  • heli nagar

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