Doctor confirms Sanjay Dutt’s wife ill, Manyata Dutt detected with tumor!

Apparently Manyata is suffering from heart ailments

Here is the new twist in Sanjay Dutt parole story. It was earlier reported that Sanjay had misled the officials and took a false reason of his wife’s illness to get Parole as Manayata Dutt was seen at a party two days back where she was looking all hearty and health. But now according to the recent reports by a website, Manyata is indeed suffering from heart ailment, and also has tumor growth in her liver. Dr Ajay Chaughule, who specialises in beating Heart Coronary Bypass surgery, lung and liver transplant with Global Hospital has revealed to us that Manyata is seriously unwell.

Mrs Dutt complained of chest pain and sudden weight loss and during the process of preliminary heart test we also discovered a large sized tumor in her liver,” said Dr. Chaughule who has asked Manyata to conduct investigations but due to the absence of her husband, the process is being prolonged. Reportedly, Manyata went to several heart hospitals in Mumbai where she was advised to go for Angiography procedure but decided to take a second opinion with Dr Ajay Chaughule. “There is severe pain and only after series of investigations which are prolonged we shall be in position of discussing further procedure of treatment,”, added Dr Chaughule.

So what was her appearance Krishika Lulla’s birthday party all about? “Manyata is ill and have not been attending functions or socializing around. She opted to give a surprise visit to her best friend Krishika Lulla and was with her for a lesser time and rushed back home. Sanju Baba too is concerned about Manyata’s health and shall be accompanying his wife to the hospital for medical checkups.” said a source close to Manyata.