Does Aamir Khan find Kangna Ranaut sexier than Katrina Kaif?

The Dhoom:3 actor has done a film opposite Katrina but he seems to find the other lady sexier. Read on

A little birdie tells us that on Karan Johar’s show Koffee With Karan, Aamir Khan was asked about the sexiest actress in Bollywood. And surprisingly, he didn’t name his Dhoom:3 co-star Katrina Kaif. What more, he didn’t even name a female actor he has worked with in the past but instead said, “Kangna Ranaut.” Do you remember when Aamir Khan had dropped out Kangna from his film Ghajini and had replaced her with Jiah Khan, following a misunderstanding? Well, looks like the actor has finally forgiven her and now finds her sexy!

To this Kangs says, “I think Mr Aamir Khan is a highly intellectual man. His definition of sexy isn’t like that of a layman. He would find honest and courageous women sexy, I appreciate this compliment. It encourages me to be myself and I think Mr Khan has great taste!” She also feels that she is indeed sexy. She says, “Yes, I feel I am sexy because I am self-made, trustworthy and honest. And these are the same qualities that I also find very sexy in men and women.”

Well, considering Aamir finds her the sexiest actor in B-town, we wonder who she thinks is the sexiest female actor. Kangna says, “I find Deepika very sexy. She is self-made like me. When I watch her films, I find something very vulnerable and sensitive behind those beautiful large eyes.”

Looks like gone are the days when female contemporaries in B-town wouldn’t leave a chance to pull each other down, hai na? So BollywoodLifers, if you were to choose between Kangna and Deepika, who do you think is sexier?