Does Aamir Khan look frightened in Dhoom:3?

Does Aamir Khan look frightened in Dhoom:3?
Yash Raj Films

These are some of the reactions we got for the new motion poster of the YRF film

Honestly, did you like Aamir Khan’s look in his new movie, Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom:3? We at BollywoodLife think it’s nothing extraordinary – just about OK. At least what we’ve seen in the few motion posters and teasers of the film. And there’s a BL reader who quite agrees with us as far as AK’s look is concerned.

Calling himself ‘khan’, tongue-in-cheek, the site visitor posted on at 11:01am on October 1, 2013, “quite boring, Aamir khan looks frightened, god knows how he will play the negative character…”

We kinda go with that. Imagine a thief who looks so scared! Or is it just that the actor has not managed to give the right expression for the poster shoot? Maybe. We’re sure the movie’s gonna rock and Aamir won’t be as sad as his various sneak peek moments. What do you think?

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  • Rajesh

    go to hell…

  • Arpan

    I think Shweta Parande is scared that Aamir is looking better than her favourite actor SRK! Go, die in jealousy!

    • Shweta Parande

      Hi Arpan, I’m not saying it. A reader is saying it. Read the story carefully.

  • fireblade

    Bollywoodlife go get a life!
    Aamir looks frightened? You seem to be blind as a bat!

  • Arpan

    I think Shweta Parande is scared big time that Aamir’s Dhoom 3 will break the record of her favourite actor SRK’s CE!! Grow up, Miss Parande! Start respecting legends like Aamir!

    • Muhammad Asif


  • Arpan

    This article has been written by a Aamir Khan hater! I can just say one thing to such people- “You are retarded!!”

  • Francis

    Cheap publicity for more comments?

  • rohit

    bahut gussa aaraha hai,bahut mar khau ge,plz, stop Amir ke bare me kuch bhi likna bandh koro.kaan ke niche baja dekge

  • John

    Shahrukh khan ne kitne paise diye, aamir sir ki badnami karne ke lye?

    • surya

      abe saale tu kab se inka vakt ho geya….ak tujhe adopt kr liya h kya

  • John

    Shahrukh khan ne kitne paise diye Shwetaji aapko Aamir sir ki badnami karne ke liye? Go get a life.

    • neha

      Hello,why are u taking Shahrukh name here.there is no connection of this article with Shahrukh,and if Shahrukh pays someone for writing about amir then amir also have that much money to pay someone,and please stop writing rubbish about Shahrukh,he is a busy person not like u who think ridiculous about others understand.

      • johny

        Sharukh khan is busy doing films & degrading other actor’s filmss.. If u dnt have any idea , juz shut uppp… everyone knows tattt..

  • John

    Shahrukh khan ne kitne paise diye Shwetaji aapko Aamir sirki badnami karne ke liye? Go get a life.

  • Shweta Parande

    Hi John, I’m not saying it. A reader is saying it. Read the story carefully.

    • DK

      Jo Reader ka bare main baat app kar rahain wo God ya Allah he kya?App apne app ko itna niche kiyun gira rahe ho.I am saying that the pictures of Aamir Khan is very good & its my oppiniun but it may not be liked by others.One proverb is that ” Talab dekhen se pehele Toilet jane ke liye Pant utar dena” jaisa app ka aur app ka reader ka statement hai.I have liked SRK pictures like CHAK DE INDIA & SWADESH but didn’t like CE.But CE is superduper hit.Mam, make a note Dhoom-3 will break all records.

  • shekhar

    Aamir is a living legend & doesn’t get purturbed with such derogetory remarks. His movies have always been entertaining with lots of social messages. I am sure his upcoming movies both dhoom 3 & pk will rock .

    • KJ Khan

      absolutely right.

  • Deepak

    Raat ko SRK kitna deta hai?

  • Aamir khan

    Don’t worry guys i will be back with big dhoom

  • iftekhar aalam

    sala SRK chor hai…..dont comoare him wth Aamir…

  • AK rocks

    juz shut up…dhoom 3 is gonna break all d collections..

  • KJ Khan

    aamir is the best,…

  • johny

    Hi Shwetajiii… Whoz tat reader .. his name is sharukh khan I right???Dnt spoil reputation of this site by posting such nonsenseeee…..

  • MAuZZ

    AAMIRji knows well to take care of his LOOKz../ So u can better watch it when d movie releases//