Does Aamir Khan need a hair transplant?

Posted Sun, December 16, 2012 9:15am IST

We bumped into the Talaash actor last night and the first thing we noticed about Mr Perfectionist was his receding hairline

What is the one thing that Shahrukh Khan has (and now, even Salman Khan does) in volumes but Aamir Khan doesn’t? The answer is that long, lustrous and dark mane SRK proudly runs his fingers through. King Khan is quite gifted in that ‘crowning’ department, but Aamir can make up for it in the acting department.

But when we saw Aamir yesterday at a late night event, what caught our immediate attention was the receding hairline of Mr Perfectionist. Though they were not glaring bald patches to be concerned about, but the sparse hair on Aamir’s head were giving a clear view of the superstar’s scalp. We all know that Aamir is a thinking actor and perhaps too much of thought process has taken a toll on Aamir’s once silky smooth mane.

We don’t think Aamir should spend sleepless nights over this trivial issue. All he needs to do is give a quick call to his good friend Sallu to know where the Dabangg actor got his hair transplant done from. Even Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Shahid Kapoor and cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle can recommend their respective surgeons to get that crowning glory back.

But one question that we just can’t resist from putting to our BollywoodLifers is – Does Aamir really need to get the hair-job done? Or is he is above all those vanity sellouts with his crafted-to-perfection acting abilities? Tell us what you think!

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  • Lalita.S

    Please, Aamir does not need a hair transplant. We want him on screen natural, as he is, smile and brown eyes intact.Loved him on Talaash for playing a role close to his age.

    • tino

      I dnt post on silly articles like this but i feel i should share my knowledge and experience because hair obsession has ruined my life over the years and i dnt want anyone else making the same mistake as me.

      Amir khan has had a hair transplant.. all you have to do is google it. He used a company called DHI and there are posters of him stuck everywhere in the offices in athens. After seeing him on screen i went and had a ht from them and they ruined my life, the results were poor and like most celebs i have to be on a drug called propecia for the rest of my life to maintain what i have and not look odd. Salman khan has had loads of transplants and wears concelearer/make up in films to make his hair look more thick. On the back part of his head the hair is some sort of fake new technology wig type hair. Sharukh khan is a mystery. I think his hair is all natural and he is gifted in the department. I think his a arrogant pr**k but his looks natural to me. Last bit of advice if anyone is crazy enough to go for a ht make sure you register to loads of forums and do your research rather than listen to docs who just want your money

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  • lovely

    dhoom3 look

  • henry

    SRK & Slamn has done hair transplant years before..But Aamir hasn’t..itz time for him to think in their way…:D

  • Vino

    SRK wears a hair piece

    • arun

      No he doesn’t he the only one from the khan’s that has not had implant as well as surgery to look young

  • harsh nadkarni

    Don’t you guys have anything better to report or publish than bring out such ludicrous news. Since anything written about Aamir makes news, you people go to such ridiculous lengths. Man, I never knew that journalism can go stoop to such low levels

  • arun

    Amir khan has already had a implant way back if you look at his early films he was already losing hair and looking old then when he made a return to film after a 5 year gap he had a face lift as well as implant

    • sales man

      guys i work for advanced hair studios in UK, none of these bollywood actors have had a successful hair transplants, they all wear a full lace hair piece with bleached knots in the front, salman, aamir, saif, akshay kumar, amithab, ranbir kapoor, tushaar kapoor, mithun da, emraan hashmi, sunny deol, jackie shroff, they all wear a hair peice, to be honest so do i, nothing wront with that, shahrukh khan, anil kapoor, shahid kapoor and afew more actors have good healthy hair

      • Ronnie

        sales man is right. These guys wear wigs. A hair transplant takes hair from the back of your head and moves it to the top. There’s only so much improvement you can get with a hair transplant. You can never get the kind of volume that Salman Khan has with a hair transplant.

  • suneel kumar

    I have also bald problem and my age is 24. Both sides of my head had 10sq cm get bald. So could i do hair transplant and how much it will be cost for me.

  • satyamhairtransplantambala

    Yes he need hair transplant to reduce size of their forehead from both sides so it enhance his personality and growth of hairs.