Does Akshay Kumar prefer Thailand over India for Bhaji in Problem?

Akki’s first Punjabi production has several buyers for its remake rights. So, who will Akshay sell the rights to?

Bhaji in Problem was the first Punjabi film produced by Akshay Kumar. The film which released on November 15 has been appreciated not only by the audiences in India but also abroad. Considering that the Punjabi comedy film has done so well, there are several filmmakers who wish to purchase the remake rights of the film, from India as well as Bangkok and Malaysia. So, who do you think Khiladi Kumar will sell the remake rights to?

Well, Akki plans to sell the remake rights of Bhaji in Problem to makers in Thailand. Is it ‘coz they are offering more money? Actually, no! The actor has a personal and emotional connection with the country’s capital Bangkok. To those who don’t know, before Akshay began his Bollywood career, the actor was training in martial arts and Muay Thai in Bangkok. He also worked as a waiter and chef in Bangkok, before he entered B-town. So now, the actor wants to sell the remake rights of Bhaji in Problem to filmmakers in Thailand.

Akshay confirmed the news to a popular daily, “We have got a lot of offers for Bhaji… remakes, but I am considering the Thai offer seriously. Also, don’t forget, the country has a huge Indian population too.” Well, yeah, we won’t forget that. But, we’re sure the country doesn’t have more Indian population than India itself, hai na?