Does Alia Bhatt not feel close to Mahesh Bhatt anymore?

The Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania actor who used to keep rozas with her father has decided not to do the same this year

The actor who has fasted earlier, is not observing the holy fast this year.

Alia Bhatt who is geared for her fourth release this year is not observing the holy fast during this month of Ramzan with her father Mahesh Bhatt. But she admits she has done the holy fast in the past just to feel close to her father.

Says Alia, “I did observe the Holy fast, because my father would fast and I felt if I did the same I’d be close to him. Interestingly, my father observes the holy fast because he feels it brings him close to his mother’s memory. And I did it because it brought me closer to him. We would wake up early in the morning and eat together. That is a memory which I still hold on to.”

There is a buzz that Mahesh Bhatt might be coaxed out of retirement to direct a remake of his 1989 hit Daddy which had starred Alia’s eldest sister Pooja Bhatt.

Says Alia, “I don’t think that will happen. But if anyone can convince my father to do it it’s Pooja. She’s the strongest member of our family.”