Does Anushka Sharma have an attitude problem?

Following in the footsteps of her co-star Ranveer singh, the gorgeous actor has started displaying highhanded behaviour. Has fame gone to Anushka Sharma’s head too?

Hardly four films old, we hear, Anushka Sharma has started throwing her weight around! Her ever-growing tantrums are slowly becoming the talk of B-town. Apparently, the actor is treating the media with total disdain and launching verbal attacks on journalists, even though she has a film coming up. Recently when a mediaperson quizzed Anushka about the secret behind her impossibly thin frame and hot bod, the Ladies vs Ricky Bahl actor started fuming and said that she doesn’t take this as a compliment. Attitude haan! Just a few days back we told you about the snooty behaviour from Anushka’s co-star and a dear ‘friend’ Ranveer and how he’s giving rude monosyllabic answers in press conferences. Ranveer even went on to to ape Salman Khan in an event just to get more media coverage. And now, we think, this attitude problem has rubbed off on the otherwise media-friendly Anushka. Well, this is not the first time she was seen in her rude avatar. In another event she gave rude answers to media’s queries. In her defense Anushka maintains that people have a right to call her a bad actor, but they can’t probe into her personal life. Oh c’mon Anushka we think it’s a high time for you to grow up and and realise that being questioned about your personal life is part and parcel of being a celeb! You can choose not to answer the questions or deal with tricky ones tactfully, but throwing your starry tantrums, darling, is a complete no-no!

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