Does ‘Chikni Chameli’ have the fire of the original Marathi ‘Kombdi palali’?

Katrina Kaif’s killer jhatkas in Chikni Chameli have certainly raised the hot-quotient of item numbers. The song is making waves for its wild choreography, catchy tune and Katrina’s delectable midriff. But Chikni Chameli somehow lacks the tempo of the original Marathi song Kombdi palali which was created by the same music composer duo, Ajay-Atul

When they reworked their famous Marathi number Kombdi palali (chicken’s on the run!) from the film Jatra and converted it into Chikni Chameli for Agneepath, music composer Ajay-Atul knew that this track too would become an instant chartbuster. In fact, when Karan Johar, producer of Agneepath, heard the original song, he wanted something similar for the Priyanka Chopra-Hrithik Roshan starrer and so had the song customised in a new Hindi avatar from Ajay-Atul. Just a week after its release, Chikni Chameli has become a rage courtesy Katrina’s raunchy moves and pelvic thrusts. But when compared with the fiery and high-octane original Kombdi, Katrina’ Chikni lacks the peppy spirit and there’s hardly any innovation to the song. In terms of presentation Chikni has very raw and rustic appeal and is shot really well. The song is zippy and Katrina explodes on the screen! You don’t want to take your eyes off her tummy and jiggling bosom as she lures her audience in…off and on screen. Kombdi palali gives you an instant adrenaline rush, but in terms of aesthetic appeal Chikni certainly scores high. The original song was sung by Aika Dajeeba-fame singer Vaishali Samant, while the voice behind Chikni Chameli is the usually more sedate and classically-inclined Shreya Ghoshal and is choreographed by ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya. Now watch the video and tell us if Katrina’s Chikni Chameli has matched the foot-tapping magic of Kombdi palali or does it simply chicken out when pitched against the original Kombdi?