Does Deepika Padukone style Ranveer Singh in real life?

Well, we aren’t bluffing here. There’s something that we heard that you need to know!

A little birdie tells us that whatever Ranveer Singh chooses to wear has some influence from his alleged girlfriend Deepika Padukone. Well, not directly, but in a way. We hear that Dippy, who herself is quite a fashionista of B-town regularly gifts her Ram-Leela co-star Ranveer, pairs of limited edition shoes. What more, she doesn’t just pick any odd shoes but reportedly popular European brands, that would have any man on his knees. So what’s so special about this, you wonder?

Well, most of us match our shoes with our outfit, don’t we? Well, Ranveer Singh does just the opposite, we hear. Apparently, the hunkalicious hottie plans his outfit and look depending on Deepika’s gifted shoes. Awww! How sweet, no? Next time, don’t forget to watch out for Ranveer’s shoes. And if you find his appearance a lil mismatched, keep in mind that he was just trying to be a loyal lover, trying to please his lady love. Wink, wink!