Does Deepika Padukone want to patch up with Yuvraj Singh?

Dips gets back in touch with her cricketer ex-boyfriend for the first time since their bitter fall out

B-town hottie Deepika Padukone is probably trying to rekindle her relationship with ex-beau Yuvraj Singh. According to the grapevine, the actor called up Yuvi and inquired about his health. Yuvraj, who has been diagnosed with a non-malignant tumour in his lungs, was pleasantly surprised with the Deepika’s call. The two have not been on talking terms for the last couple of years and they have avoided each other at public events on more than one occasion. But it seems like Dips is in the mood to start afresh with Yuvi. Few days after their first telephonic conversation, she also sent him a ‘get well soon’ message. Deepika and Yuvi broke up in 2008 and it was said that Yuvraj’s over-possessive behaviour was the reason for the split. Soon after the breakup Deepika started dating Ranbir Kapoor and later Siddharth Mallya. Gossip mongers say that all’s not well between Deepika and the Mallya boy, and Dips is in the mood to get back in touch with Yuvraj. Well, we’ll have to wait to find out how this story develops. The ex-lovers could either end up getting back together or they could start a new friendship. Waddya think will happen?