Does Don love Roma? Does Roma love Don?

Does Don love Roma? Does Roma love Don?

The official poster of the Shahrukh Khan-Priyanka Chopra-starrer left us confused, because it showed Don fuming with anger and Roma smiling sexily. And now, after watching Dushman mera, where Don and Roma are all over each other, we are even more confused…

Director Farhan Akhtar’s films usually have very clearly etched characters in them, but his latest, Don 2, is sending us into a nice tizzy. We don’t know what’s going on with the characters played by Shahrukh Khan (Don) and Priyanka Chopra (Roma). When the first story (Don) ended, King Khan had made a fool of the cops and their mouse (Piggy Chops), so there was no reason for him to be angry in the next one, as the poster seems to imply; and since Roma was cheated by him, the man who had killed her brother in cold blood, she had no business smiling sexily. The video of the Dushman mera song should actually have been ‘Passionate lover mera’ – at least, that’s what it looked like. So we decided to explore a little to find out just what kind of relationship the two share: is it love, is it hate….iss pyaar ko kya naam de?

Don hates Roma        Roma hates Don          Don loves Roma       Roma loves Don

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  • me

    It will be stupid to get them as a pair, i mean, Roma was atracted to him in the first one because she thought he was someone else! She really should hate him as he killed her brother, and that was the primarly reason for her to try to kill him in the first one!!

  • Laila

    Farhan has created quite a complex relationship here…Don killed her brother and his girlfriend and naturally you would HATE this person and want to kill them too. Yet, at the same time, Don has an uncanny ability to play with a person’s mind. Roma’s mind is going to be played…and without giving away anything…things will be VERY confusing for us as well. Nice complex characters…