Does Hrithik Roshan need help to get over his divorce?

Does Hrithik Roshan need help to get over his divorce?

The Krrish 3 superhero has apparently hired a life coach with a questionable past to get over separation from Sussanne

Looks like Hrithik Roshan is seeking serious help to get over his separation with wifey Sussanne that grabbed headlines. The Greek God of Bollywood, we hear, has employed the services of a life coach with a questionable past, to tide over his recent separation from his wife.

Our secret birdie has chirped to us that a certain Arfeen Khan, who has been working with Hrithik since the past few months, and who charges the actor a ludicrous amount of money for his services, has almost taken over the actor’s life. The coach trains not only Hrithik, but also his sister Sunaina and mother Pinky Roshan. Our source informs “Arfeen surrounds Hrithik at most times. His job is to keep Hrithik upbeat, but the way that Arfeen is going about it, he is distancing HR from his friends and well wishers.”

The life coach, interestingly, has a number of allegations against him by the clients he trains. One company has even gone online to allege that the coach owes them money. “Afreen is using Hrithik, the self-styled coach is also trying to become pally with other Bollywood and political biggies so that he can advertise his services to them,” added our source.

When contacted by a leading newspaper, Arfeen denied that he is coaching Hrithik, or even the fact that the star is a client. He maintains that Hrithik only attended one of my seminars, and the superstar gave me a foreword for his book.

Hrithik’s close friends are of the opinion that the superstar is being taken for a ride as the coach is exploiting every possible opportunity for his own advancement. We even hear that he travels with Hrithik ( first class, obviously) wherever he goes and even stays in the best of the hotels and hobnobs with the best in not just the entertainment business but also with politicians.

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  • Cattypuss

    The last thing Roshan needs is a self made gold plated charlatan in his life. If he has depression problems he should seek the services of a qualified psychologist or phychatrist to help him over this rough patch in his life. I know that Hrithik likes all this motivation hype, but depression is an illness that requires expert medical help. Not some Tony Robbins impersonator !!!!! {{{Rolls Eyes}}}

  • rajesh

    He should find a hindu, qualified psychiatrist and take some medical
    tests to see if there is any chemical imbalance in the body/brain. Has
    he not had enough experience by allowing one khan in his life? She will
    get a nice divorce package from Roshans and will start her own business.
    She should realize that she would still be in Burkha taking care of her
    kids, literally if she was in some part in Middle East country. She
    should thank her stars that she got to marry a high profile actor. Look
    at her father, Sanjay Khan who supposedly had an affair with Zeenat
    Aman. When Zeenat publicly claimed it, he slapped her and she ended up
    with an injured eye. Ranbir Kapoor should take some cues from this and
    stay away from another muslim girl who is another gold digger.