Does Imran’s wife mind him kissing other women?

In fact, Avantika supports her hubby when it comes to doing intimate scenes and lip-locks

The good boy of Bollywood Imran Khan has finally decided to shed his sweetie-pie image and indulge in some bold intimate scenes and good doses of kissing in Delhi Belly – all this for the first time. The actor, who has steered clear of controversy so far – apart from whispers about his on-and-off friendship with Ranbir Kapoor – confessed that he was never inhibited about taking the plunge into the wild side of Bollywood.Guess he’s taken a cue from mamu Aamir Khan, who has kissed almost every co-star he has worked with. But that’s not the only reason. It also has a lot to do Imran’s wife Avantika’s support. The actor reveals that his wife never gives him grief over kissing scenes, as she can separate reel life from real life. Plus, she has accepted the fact that most movies today are bound to have intimate scenes. Good for you, guys! While top actors like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan still steer clear of doing lip-locks onscreen, the newest Khan in B-town seems to be pretty chilled out when it comes to this. But beware, Imran, this is just the beginning – your inhibitions have melted a bit, and we wait to see what you shed next!