Does Jacky Bhagnani own the most erotic car in B-town?

 The FALTU actor must be owning the sexiest car in Bollywood since the dude gets orgasms when he is in it!

Jacky Bhagnani is a proud owner of a swanky Porsche. In fact, the dude gifted himself that prized possession when he thought that he is in the reckoning and doing well for himself.

After the success of his movie FALTU, Jacky decided to buy that cool machine for himself. By his own candid admission, Jacky got enough money to buy the swanky coupé. Now even we had to pinch ourselves to believe that lofty statement. But given the fact that Jacky’s rich dad Vashu Bhagnani produced that movie himself, we guess it was a smooth…err ride for our young dude to book that unbelievably expensive vehicle.

But what was even more shocking was Jacky’s (over) explanation in terms of what he feels like when drives that spotless Porsche “I get orgasms when I’m in it,” declared Jacky in an interview. “Earlier they used to look at me but now they look at the car first,” added the Bhagnani boy.

Now after hearing that explanation we wonder if owning that car has worked Jacky’s favour! You tell us BL folks!