Does John Abraham feel intimidated by Aamir Khan.?

Does John Abraham feel intimidated by Aamir Khan.?
Yogen Shah

If sources are to be believed, Welcome Back and PK will release on the same date

Director Anees Bazmi and producer Firoz Nadiadwala might be sweating over an imminent clash between their film Welcome Back and Aamir Khan starrer PK. As PK was earlier scheduled for a Christmas release Welcome Back settled for an early December date.

The latest scoop is that PK’s release dates have been pushed forward to December 19t which was the date Welcome Back had settled on. This impending clash has the film-makers panicking.

Now the makers of Welcome Back, which features John Abraham are waiting for tracks to clear so that the film gets a safe passage and doesn’t get pitted against PK. Seems like Bazmi and Nadiadwala don’t want to take panga with an Aamir film. Kyuki Aamir’s films set the cash registers ringing.

Anyway, while the makers rethink the December 19 release, all we can do is wait for John to sear the big screen .

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  • john prasad

    aamir should just fix a date and release his movies then ..he shouldn’t fear competition but others have to fear him…

    • umair farooq


    • TrueHonesty

      Aamir is not god that john and ranbir should fear in him just because hes a khan or got big fannase like get real stupid.

      • john prasad

        cant understand what u are trying to say except that john and ranbir shouldn’t fear him….and i said john and ranbir are not a competition for him….padma bhusan aamir khan is a star above others…his movies breaks box office records one after another….if ranbir and john are smart enough they wont release the movie on the same date….

        • TrueHonesty

          What Im trying to say is that all aamir khan cannot stick to one date to release pk and welcome back team have chosen to release on 19 december much before aamir deciding to release it on 19 december so why aamir being a nutcase and just and cannot stick to one date so it goes to show that aamir is the one fearing.

          • john prasad

            yes its not fair on welcome back team…when aamir releases a movie it becomes a blockbuster especially aamir hirani team…so like i said john abraham is fearing his movie wont run that much….and him changing dates is maybe the production got delayed there will be so many reasons a movie will get postponed…