Does Juhi Chawla envy Priyanka Chopra’s pout?

Does Juhi Chawla envy Priyanka Chopra’s pout?

Juhi Chawla must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed recently. At least that’s what her recent tweet on Piggy Chops and Screen Awards implies

“On my way is a huge Screen awards hoarding with a pouting Priyanka in the tiniest of blouses. Someone please tell me why does a respected Screen award for excellence in cinema need such a marketing gimmick,” she wrote on micro blogging site Twitter. Now Ms Chawla should be well aware of the ways of the industry considering she’s has been here long enough.

Piggy Chops posing seductively in skimpy clothes to promote an award function definitely isn’t the worst example of a poorly devised marketing gimmick, is it? There definitely have been many more that have managed to raise our hackles. Now we don’t know what’s riling Ms Chawla up, but one of the reasons could be the extreme closeness between PC and King Khan. The two have been bonding so much lately that after wife Gauri Khan, its SRK’s best buddies who have been getting affected and irritated by the intimacy. Chawla is one of the most effervescent people in B-town and very rarely does she express her views so vehemently. But we guess gone are the days when the actor used to take a chill pill and mind her own business. We don’t know the real reason behind the bubbly babe’s annoyance though.It could be PC’s pout or her being over-friendly with Shahrukh or it could be that Juhi misses the good old days of genuine and respectable award shows. Whatever it is, we are just glad that at least we heard from you, Juhi!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • veena

    juhi you old woman.we all love priyanka she is one of the most beautiful girl in the world.juhi you jealous of priyanka and srk should say sorry to priyanka chopra.

    • Binod kumar sah

      good morning veena…..?

    • veena ka band bajao

      i think u r a mad lady.never ever luk at ur face in mirror othwerwise u vil slip into coma

    • Sanjay

      Hiiiiii, Nilima……….yes Juhi is old agree…but see na where is she now….think with ur brain not with ur………..i think u have to go some spacial mental hospital…

  • PC’s Ex

    priyanka has always been looking for sex with fellow actors…she is so lust….specifically made pout surgically to attract them..

  • suman

    veena I think very few men will consider Priyanka Chopra ‘ attractive ‘. Except her face ( with tons of make up ) she has nothing

    • juhi

      but see there is with out makeup but she is looking very beautiful you ar not right

      • mukesh

        i love to you

      • Binod kumar sah

        good morning juhi how are you juhi..? and very nice movie juhi then plz new movie juhi…..?

  • saifuddin mohammed


  • Naomi

    juhi, u r absolutely ryt, i agree wid u.nd u veena ,R U INSANE????!!!!

  • sana

    I wudnt say shes ugly but yh definately with all those surgery and tons of make up, it wudnt be surprising. i just dont get y some bollywood actresses are acting so western kmt

    • sanjana

      you right but this is modearn time what can change

  • amar

    i think both have their own beauty mi i like both how they are but for my age i prefer priyanka i watch all her films.

    • sanjana

      hi amar you are right good comments

  • eesha

    priyanka is not beautiful. juhi is so beautiful. priyanka looks like a cheap woman.

    • sanjana

      hi how are you namaste i am sanjana i think that where ever a women goes or where ever she is beautiful for family and friends and so is for all the women around and in india sweet decent and ideal house wife no where better than india

  • ranbir

    What a silly comment from Juhi Chawla, who is “supposed” to be a respected senior. Why take to twitter and show the world how evil you are. Priyanka is a wonderful stage performer and all Indians around the world love watching her on the big stage

  • Usha

    Juhi is among the best actress in indian movie, she has talent (without exposing her body). Priyanka is sort of overdoing on her acting. I maysay she did do good film as well. But she can’t be compared to Juhi. Sorry to say, but Juhi is far better than Priyanka in looking and acting.

  • ash

    juhi is older than priyanka, juhi have to respect her self as a elder not like priyanka mate

  • erdin

    juhi is better than priyanka… time prove that…

  • nabanita

    Y shall Juhi be jealous of Plastic Chopra’s plastic pout? Juhi is naturally beautiful, unlike Priyanka.

  • veena

    and u nalini you cant say like this to priyanka chopraand srk first see your face in mirrer. i think you alo feel jealous fool

  • SkAy

    hehe well said..peggy is now joinin the likes of Sherawat

  • Binod kumar sah

    hello frined

  • sanjay

    Hiiiiii, Veena……….yes Juhi is old agree…but see na where is she now….think with ur brain not with ur………..i think u have to go some spacial mental hospital…