Does Karisma Kapoor’s ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ look outdated?

While we admire the reigning queen of the early 2000s for being in great shape after having two babies and look forward to her return to films, we can’t say the same about the comeback vehicle she has chosen

It was only natural for Karisma Kapoor to wait for a power-packed role to return to Bollywood and not settle for a flaunt-your-smile-and-figure role in a big budget, hero-oriented film. So we were happy she chose a comparatively less starry filmmaker in Vikram Bhatt. In his film, Dangerous Ishhq, it was guaranteed Lolo wouldn’t have to just sing, dance and dress pretty. She would get to explore the gamut of emotions she is capable of to entertain the audience.

From the two-minute promo, it’s obvious the story has a strong element of time travel. Karisma’s character goes back to her past lives (regression?) to unearth the cause of the separation from her lover in every birth. Among so many larger-than-life action dramas, romantic comedies and male-centric capers that have been ruling the multiplexes lately, a story about regression is a refreshing change. But it’s not completely a new idea. Back in the early 90s Bollywood was replete with love stories that were connected through several lives. Remember Salman Khan’s Suryavanshi, Aamir Khan’s Tum Mere Ho, Tabu and Sanjay Kapoor’s Prem and many others?

So, we were slightly disappointed when we watched the trailer of Lolo’s much-awaited comeback film, Dangerous Ishhq. Our problem with the film is that it has a boring resemblance to the 90s dramas that we just told you about. While Hollywood incorporates the advents of science in their time travels, we are still stuck in the babas and devis mode! Karisma, is still stuck in the over-the top ways of acting. She either looks too happy or highly distressed and there’s nothing real in her highly emotional performance! Visually too the film looks unappealing. We think Vikram’s Haunted, which was also 3D, looked way better than DI does. It seems as if Vikram and his team forgot the old phrase – push the envelope!