Does Poonam Pandey deserve Rs 1 crore for a New Year performance?

The Nasha babe has apparently bagged a meaty offer to perform at Bangalore to the tune of her Kannada item number Love is poison

Poonam Pandey refused to disclose a reportedly huge sum of money she was offered to shake her booty for an item song in Kannada movie. But now we hear that the desperate-for-attention babe has been paid a whopping Rs 1 crore for her New Year performance to be held in Bangalore tonight. Would you believe this?

Just a single (flop) movie old seductress is leaving no stone unturned to stay in the media glare. From posting some really tacky images on Twitter to turning up in B-town parties in itsy-bitsy clothes and then making some tall promises only to flinch from them later, Pandey is seeking attention in every possible way.

Now you tell us BL readers – does the sexy siren deserve that insanely huge money for her side-ey dance number?