Does Priyanka Chopra dislike Silk Smitha?

Does Priyanka Chopra dislike Silk Smitha?

Maybe not Piggy Chops personally, but the character that she plays in Agneepath, Kaali Kawde, dislikes the southern seductress…

Karan Malhotra’s directorial debut Agneepath has surpassed opening day reviews and ticket sales of the Salman Khan-starrer Bodyguard. People’s opinions about the film may be divided, but everyone unanimously disliked Priyanka Chopra’s character, as it came across as the weakest point of the film. While Piggy Chops is not to blame for this, one sequence in the film really had us wondering if she was trying to take a dig at her contemporary, Vidya Balan. The scene is one where Vijay Deenanath Chauhan aka Hrithik Roshan is inaugurating Kaali’s beauty parlour. One of the guests compliments her saying she looks like Madhuri Dixit, at which Priyanka blushes. Soon after, another guest calls her Silk Smitha, to which she says she doesn’t like the seductress and is happy in her own skin. Maybe we are reading too much into this, but it did make us wonder what was actually going on in her mind while doing the scene. It could also be the director’s take on ‘The Dirty Picture’ girl, but for our own wicked satisfaction, we would like to hold Priyanka responsible for running down Silk Smitha who, thanks to Vidya Balan’s powerful portrayal, is emerging as the toast of the awards season. Do you agree with us on this one?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ria

    Priyanka’s charactor is unliked..?? Good joke.. Its one the best things abt the movie.. Who posted this rubbish..??

    • vinay

      same here priyanka is being praised by evry one

  • amit

    who wrote this??? He or she must have some sort of mental disorder..everyone is praising her…

  • Bruna

    These kind of sarcastic scenes would prove nothing for Priyanks and the makers, unless they are done with perfection, moreover Priyanka also took a get-up of Vidya Balan’s character Silk in one of Award functions which was so ugly, this proves that Vidya was tailor-made for “The Dirty Picture” and no other Actress could have played it like her.

  • divya

    I think Kareena auntyji has paid 4 this news.. Priyanka is the best actress in Bollywood r8 now, and shes one of the best things about Agneepath.. No one can change these facts…