Does Priyanka Chopra look Exotic on the cover of her new single?

The cover of the actor-singer’s upcoming single is out and the song too is getting ready for release

After looking at the pictures of the making of Priyanka Chopra’s single, Exotic featuring Pitbull, we were sure that the video will turn out to be super classy. Now, the cover of the single is out, making us even more curious about the music video. We really hope it is exotic enough, considering the title of the song suggests so!

Though we like PC’s funky outfit and wild hair in this cover, we just wish she had done something that would have made us go ‘wow’. Since Priyanka has set the bar really high, we expected more from the babe. We know that with her distinctive style and individualistic sense of fashion, the babe has it in her to totally blow us away! What say, PC?