Does Ranbir Kapoor think Deepika Padukone is a better actor than Katrina Kaif?

Does Ranbir Kapoor think Deepika Padukone is a better actor than Katrina Kaif?
Yogen Shah

Ms Kaif was rated low on her acting skills by most B-town celebs in the fourth season of KJo’s chat show Koffee with Karan. And looks like even her alleged beau also feels the same

There is no denying that Deepika Padukone is currently the reigning queen of Bollywood. After all, she delivered four back-to-back blockbusters last year. Her contemporary Katrina Kaif too tasted success with Dhoom:3 at the end of 2013 and she also got rave reviews for her sexy Kamli act. But looks like Kat failed to impress her alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor with her acting prowess. Coz we hear RK wants to work with his ex-flame and not her ladylove in Ayan Mukerji’s superhero film. That’s not all! The talented actor has even asked his good friend-cum-director Ayan to sign DP. Now that’s strange, hai na? We loved Deepika and Ranbir’s chemistry in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and wouldn’t mind seeing them together onscreen again. But it won’t be an easy decision for Ayan coz he shares a great rapport with Katrina too.

Reportedly, the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani director is keen on working with the Dhoom:3 babe. In fact, Kat was the original choice for YJHD but the B-town beauty turned down the offer coz of date issues. With Kapoor lad wanting to work with Ms Padukone, we aren’t sure if Ayan’s wish to team up with KK will get fulfilled this time around. What do you think Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Taimoor

    Katrina is best choice opposite Ranbir

    • Rohini Verma

      Will you stop. Katrina looks so bad with Ranbir. They are not couple!

      • SIMMI

        Ranbir looks better with kat then deepika

        • Rohini Verma

          Katrina doesn’t deserve Ranbir at all and they did break up. I don’t like Katrina. Deepika is better than Katrina!

    • Rohini Verma

      No she isn’t! I don’t like her. She is a bad actress!

    • naavya

      oh please…!! 85% of people are preffering deepika with ranbir….not that emotionless actor katrina

  • palekar


    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is not dating Katrina they broke up!

  • khushi

    Ranbir ka attitude ek din use maarega. Use pata nahi ki uski pehli super hit film katrina kaif ke saath thi. Katrina and Ranbir look gorges together.

    • Rohini Verma

      No they don’t stop insulting my Ranbir he deserves a better woman. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Raajneeti were hits because of Ranbir only not Katrina. Ranbir is best actor. He is not dating Katrina. So please move on

    • Iman Ali

      Cheapika ka attitude b use ek din mare ga, wo js trah phool rae h na r dusri actresses pe btein lga rae h na apne PR k through. Ghrror ka sir necha ota h.ok. Bchi nae nae hit films dy ra h is lie phool re h. Katrina should not be blamed for cheapikas breakup wiyh ranbir, deepika k mun se nikale hue words ne ranbir ko majboor krdia to say go to hell. Actually salman n ranbir boyh r trying to chek deepika by offering moviesvbut her rude behavior let her down soon. M w8ng for it. Cheapikas next all flop films

      • disha

        shut up

  • najatlovekiss

    i think one thing about Katrina is she doesn’t want to use her relationship for movies, so she try to avoid people talking bad about her, but i think is a stupidity move. she have to know whatever you will do people will still talk, because of this she lot out more then 5 movies , so she should stop this stupidity ,

  • Bollywood_Confession

    LOOOOL obviously Deepika & Ranbir. <3

  • guest

    All i can say is, thank god Kat denied YJHD. It would not have been this successful if she did it. I actually love Deepika and Ranbir on screen so I hope this movie happens

  • Milana

    Katrina Kaif is BETTER than deepika –’

    • Rohini Verma

      You are wrong! Deepika is a better actress than that Katrina.

    • naavya

      oh please not at all !!

  • Amm

    That is the BEST CHOICE EVER ! Ranbir Deepika forever!

  • guest

    What? Katrina
    Act? Since WHEN? Her
    botox face, her wooden, leaden expressionless face. And those funny lips.

    Deepika has proven herself. Now, wait and watch for
    raw talent Deepika vs genepool Ranbir in future films. Deepika is like Kajol – on the spot skills comes to the fore. Ranbir is talented, but in YJDH she clearly overshadowed him with panache. Ranbir was average, Deepika acts within herself and eschews exaggeration, and the results are impressive.
    Ditto with Chennai Express. SRK was a jump in the box, screeching Jack to her cool, collected and emerged a league of her own.

    Deepika has achieved what no other bollywood actress, or actor has – 4 back to back hits. She took on the male dominated Bollywood and
    emerged the Light!

    Katrina best pack and return toDubai. Her days as Item Frau are numbered.
    Gravity, you know.

  • nikhil kumar

    both r equal no one is better than anyone deepika cannot compete with katrina in terms of popularity deepika on other hand can deliver hits only through her acting abilities katrina can deliver hits even if she is included in the movies she doesn’t even need to act to give hits deepika has given four hits consecutive hits now. it took her 6 years since her debut but katrina did it within 2 years of her debut with movies parrtner,apne,namastey london ,welcome history clearly proves that kat has far more potential than deepika

    • Rohini Verma

      Katrina can’t act. She is a bad actress!

  • deepika

    deepika and ranbir rock always……………….will love to watch them again and again……………love you deepika and you are the best…………

  • guest

    Katrina was never, never an actress. Don’t malign the word actress.

    Deepika is an actress that has taken bollywood by storm. And she did it all on her own. Ranbir is capitalising on that. Moreover, methinks he never really has gotten over Deepika. I hope she does not marry him. Mama’s boy is not husband material. She deserves better.

    • Rohini Verma

      Let me marry Ranbir. I love him a lot. Nothing wrong in being a mama’s boy

    • naavya

      yeah I totally agree with you…deepika is self made actress and katrina was a bar dancer salman got her to india for making her the actress..and that bloody actress katrina has ditched him..she has used salman..and know she is going to use Ranbir for that

  • guest

    BTW, Deepika ranked in the 30 most beautiful women in the world.
    White ass Katrina that lack of self-respect, self-hating Indians drool over can’t get over the fact.
    Deepika’s billboards were all over Europe before she became an actress. I should know. I am from Europe.

    • Guest

      I live in the UK and have been to America frequently but I never see Deepika’s billboards anywhere however I have seen one of Katrina Kaif. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Kat fan I’m actually pro Deepika, I’m just curious thats all

    • Iman Ali

      People like artifical stuffs on screens bt natural thing for their lives. Ranbir good choice for real life skoon ota h natural thingz se.
      Shut up englands singer rihanna is more beautiful than ur cheapika it means. Ok. Many ugly heroines are on the list.

  • aman

    you people feel deepika is a great actress. i don’t think bcoz giving hits and being called an actress are different. if that was the case than katrina should be no 1 because her success rate is more than deepika’s and if you think receiving awards makes you better actress then the award she received is purely biased sonakshi should have received for lootera indian awards are biased they don’t recognize talent

    • SIMMI

      i agree…

    • rav

      hahahaaha! do you know that bloody katrina was a bar dancer

    • Iman Ali

      Screen awards should change their names as shahrukh khan awards. Apni kutti cheapika ko r khud ko award dilwata h. Harami insaan .unfair person. Khud to kiss krne k elawa kuch ata e nae h kangri pehlwan ko. R cheapika ko hasne r muskrane pe awards dilwate h. In k behaviors ase rahe to ek din sare actors r actresses ne in ka boycott krdana gy like salman,amir, hrithik, ranbir , karena, katrina, priyanka anuska sb ne , phr srk r cheapika dus akthi films kren gy flop pe flops deliver oti jaen gy. Deepika ki oukata 100 crore wali films o skti han 200 crore wali ni. Ram leele khtm ogae 116crore pe r sb us ko hits kehtehn r salman ki jai ho 110crore k sth flop ka mtlb h salman’s flop= deepikas hit film.

  • rabbit

    katrina is the better actor right now…

  • Nitisha

    Oh god deepika ki 4 films Kya aa gayi sab log
    Reality hi Bhool Gaye guys kat is the superstar she is still loved even after 15 minutes role in d3 and by the way katrina looks much much better than that bia


    kat is always better choise then deepika with ranbir (RANKAT)

  • guest

    Kat is NO actor. She is a Dumb Bimbo. Did you view the video where when questioned if she was dumb in that Dhoom thingy and would continue doing such roles, she said: why not, if that’s what people want to see. HAHAHAHAHA! IQ at room temperature!!
    An Item girl for 10 years. Please do not insult Deepika. Who is currently giving Ranbir a run for his money. He knows she is better than him. He confessed “Deepika intimidates me as an actor.”

  • Iman Ali

    Deepika is over hyped actress by her PR.ok and Katrina despite of not knowing hindi ruling bollywood since 8 years. Long rule is always difficult not for actesses but also for actors. Deepika seems to be fail person for long rule run, because in acting priyanka is also there, vidiya, parnitee too there bt deepika uses smile n laughs like typical old indian actresses to impress others with her liner, that is no the thing. In 2013 there was no competition in my eyes, bkwass movies came in 2013 so it is not big thing that actress like dpika leaded , so now you prove this year in the presence of kat , most people believes that2013 will never come back for deepika. She has to work hard if shas to prove it. When people says depkika is beautiful than kat than i say artifical looks n stuffs looks better on screens but not on real lives. Thats why i lov kat n ranbir together. They have same color tone heights are ideal for each other both have cute looks. So they look good with each other. Deepika has lack of personality because of her chua mun, us ka mun boht chota h is lie wo males ko zada attract nae kr rae, females are attracted by her liner so females are more fans of cheapika. Deepika failed to impress with her liner beauty to males actually. I am waiting for deepkas next big flop films . Good luck kat u r superwoman no comparison of u with anyone.

  • Iman Ali

    Why u hav deleted my coment , fazool cheapikas PR. Apni bachi deeoika ki tareefan krne wali website .