Does Salman Khan have double standards?

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 7
Yogen Shah

For the longest time the Dabangg Khan was against Kushal Tandon’s re-entry into the madcap house. But now that the television actor is back on the reality show, we wonder what happened to Salman’s forgive-but-never-forget attitude. Double standards, eh?

While Salman Khan may not host the next season of Bigg Boss, wethinks he must want to leave the show with a good image. Will that be possible? We wonder. After all, once Kushal Tandon was evicted, the Bigg Boss 7 host got a lot of flak from the audience for being biased towards Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kholi and saying nothing to discipline them. The whole drama was nothing less than a national outrage. While the makers of the controversial show wanted to bring back Kushal, it was Sallu miyaan who was against the decision. In fact, in one episode Salman said that Gauahar Khan’s ‘good friend’ was trying to grab the limelight by announcing in interviews how he (Salman) had apologised to him. It was evident that the Jai Ho actor was miffed with Kushal and wouldn’t allow him back into the glass walled house, no matter what.

Now things have taken a complete U-turn and Mr Tandon is back on the show. How did that happen! As Mr Khan has been saying on the show again and again, Bigg Boss is the decision maker. Maybe that’s true. But if it is, then it seems that Bigg Boss is actually bigger than Salman Khan. OMG, did we just say that! Guess we got a bit carried away….giggle. Coz that’s unlikely, since otherwise Kushal would have re-entered the house much earlier, no?

So logically speaking, Kushal’s comeback wouldn’t have been possible without Salman giving his green signal, hai na? After all, he is the bhai of Bollywood and we know – so do you – about his Dabangg ways. Maybe SK wanted to do away with the ‘biased’ tag and all the negative reactions he was receiving from fans. Smart move – or do we say smart planning, Mr Khan?

PS: We are eagerly waiting for Kushal and Salman to come face-to-face on the show. That will be one explosive episode, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Adam

    Nice article! Spot on!

    btw I HATE Sallu Lallu for how disgusting he’s been towards Gauhar.

  • kripa

    Salman is a super star and I don’t think he could be influenced by Tanisha’s family or so ever. He is the epitome and he’s our star. I have seen him helping people so those who think he was partial they are so wrong. And even so he has millions of fan swooning over his one word so I don’t think the stupid peoples who thinks differently matters to anyone. So yeah salman is fair in his judgement and last not the least. big boss is just a game not a reality.

  • Ann

    SALMAN IS DE BEST. stop such cheap news abt him media.. kushal deserved b kicked out.. like dolly bindra evn he s givn a 2nd chance.thts it.

  • ajay

    salman do muh ka hai and he proved it

  • gurmeet

    now haters should say sorry to salman,becoz of him only kushal is back..bohot bada ehsaan kiya salman ne us idiot kushal par,,

  • Afy

    I have a question for the author of this article- How old are you exactly? What a silly write up! Immature crap!

  • SMAK

    What smart move!!!! Its Coz of him you got a chance to write this article, if you think there are people who loves Kushaal, there are also people who hates Kushaal…and Kushaal is an idiot…ande se bahar nikla nahin, ghatiya kaam chaalu!!!

  • khaeer

    salman khan wo aadmi hai jo logo ki help karta hai.. and jaan booch k kisiki burayi nahi karta and he is also one of the best persons in india and india(we) is feeling proud to have him :)

  • Adam

    Fantastic article! Somebody needs to show Sallu Lallu his aukaat! Sar pe charh gaya hai ye bandar!

    I love that Gauhar has the guts to tell him on his face the truth and he CAN’T TAKE IT!

  • ahmad

    If u need answer y kushal is on the show just go check his twitter account he praises salman posted his picture claimed to be his fan and also he said sorry to salman khan and all others. he begged him. and u know salman khan has golden heart.

  • Manju

    Ok, so if Kushal is back, Big Boss is bigger than Salman and Salman wants to clean his image. If kushal isn’t back, Salman is a bully and pulls the strings in Big Boss. If he is lenient towards Tanisha because she is a girl, he is partial and if he says something to her, it is under pressure from her family and again to clean his image. So, no matter whatever he does, he is wrong and bad. Right? Thankfully, this stupid media propaganda has no takers. People can see and think and they love Salman. If Salman goes it will be Big Boss’ biggest loss.

  • mrdon

    we will miss sallu bhai in next big boss :(

  • rudr

    Don”t deserve TO BE as a host

    <where he was when andy was talking abt gohar"s bra size.
    #we know respect woman -wow

  • rudr

    Don”t deserve as a host

    <where he was when andy was talking abt gohar"s bra size.
    #we know respect woman -wow

  • Gagan

    Salman khan is the most biased superstar on this earth. oh sorry he has no right to be said superstar any more.