Does Salman Khan make Shahrukh Khan uncomfortable?

Fri, January 10, 2014 1:30pm IST by
Does Salman Khan make Shahrukh Khan uncomfortable?

SRK seems to be a bit nervous about meeting his arch rival Sallu

It was one fateful night when the two leading Khans of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan turned foes from being friends. And it has been more than five years since the two actors have been at war with each other and on occasion they have taken whips to each other too. But recently, when we heard Salman singing praises for his arch rival on Karan Johar’s popular chat show Koffee With Karan 4, we thought that there could be a possibility of the warring Khans becoming friends again. And now we are almost sure that that’s not gonna happen…ever.

Why? While the Dabangg Khan openly praised SRK on national television, Shahrukh doesn’t seem to even want to talk about Sallu. Yes, you got it right! King Khan was at the Zee Cine Awards 2014 press conference yesterday (January 9), and was asked by one of the journalists whether he would be performing with Salman during the awards show. Rather than answering this question, SRK dodged it completely by saying, “Ye kitna puraana question hogaya hai! Kuch naya pooch lo…” (This question has become very old now. Ask me something new). Ignoring the matter, was he? Now that was not expected, especially since we know Shahrukh’s wicked sense of humour, hai na? But this isn’t the first time that Shahrukh has dodged the mere mention of Salman. If you remember, the two were at Mehboob Studios recently but Shahrukh, who was very cautious made it sure that he doesn’t bump into Salman. Will the King Khan bridge the gap now that Salman has made moves to do so?

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  • MD

    As always SRK wants to create sensation out of nothing so he will be saying something that triggers a reaction in the media and public. He knows this is the only way he will be in the news. With such monstrosity why not launching his own gossip company? Also he has got money too. If he thinks that his highhanded behavior could get him attention, then he has false notion. The more he bitches about some actor, the more he is going to lose his own value …hopefully he realizes… Struckup forever. I have never seen Salman giving out such unnecessary statements in the media i guess he avoids media as much as possible.

    • Anit Maria Johnson

      But I have seen several times that Salman shouting to media and saying bad things about other people. I think u r a Salamn fan and a SRK hater. That’s y u r making unneccessary comments about SRK.

      • MD

        Oh yeaaahhh…SRK has a history of mocking Contemporary actors at the award shows. He makes indirect digs. U may find it humorous becoz then u r just a blind fan of SRK. Don’t make this haters and perpetrators things over here. Just becoz I have said something good about Salman and i dont have the same thing to say about SRk does not mean i am a hater or that explains ur logic..isn’t it?? I don’t know why i always forget to add disclaimer in my comment that fans don’t bash me for expressing my opinion because i got bashed even for saying that SRk has got dark circles!lol

        • Shez Khan

          Awards shows are not written by SRK and yes mocking other stars is part of the package in the award shows. However, Salman’s act is not justifiable. How do you justify killing innocent people while drunk driving?

          Also he has been poor with ladies (Ash and Kat), who left him because of his personality issues.

          I agree that recently SRK has also had controversies but he has not been as controversial as Salman (at least he was not arrested by the police and does not have an arrest warrant on his name).

        • restate

          Salman can never be in srk shoes
          The sense of humour and intelligence which srk has …its simply beyond reach for SK……and srk never degrades any actor at all ….lots of times he makes fun of himself ….can a salman or amir do that ? Every one tries kkkkk Kiran on srk but did he ever react ? Does any actor in Bollywood has that much decency ..
          Regardless of a few srk haters …the majority not only adore srk but respect him too

    • restate

      Not true …salman always talks about srk and gets undue publicity.
      Time has come for him to understand that there can’t be another king in Bollywood ….
      Srk is one of the most decent and well behaved actor Bollywood have seen.

  • Farhat Hafeez

    As always noticed there is a rope in the neck of SRK why? though his voice is very soft, gentle and low but it strikes some of the jealous who should understand that if he keeps quite people wiil think he is philosopher even then he wiil be in news…if his speech is silver his silence is gold..

    • MD

      lol…u please start composing a poem on him….becoz this is the only thing that is left for u to do, otherwise u will be fired!! Ur craziness is very much nauseating to watch.

  • Beinghuman Beingsalman

    I like both of them but I am a Big fan of salman, we shouldn’t forget that salman has always defended SRK whether it is on or off screen everyone saw that in Bigg Boss 6 when Imam tried to talk crap about SRK and Pretty Zinta and also salman made it clear in Koffee with karan that he still have a lot of respect to SRK and he will never let anyone to talk I’ll about SRK in front him (salman)

  • Umesh BLend

    I think Shah Rukh always tries to be far from controversies.Shah Rukh is regarded as Badshah and will always be .I don’t think he’ll do such kinda cheap things . I am an SRKian and will always love and support Shah Rukh Khan,Shah Rukh sir we hope you”ll always keep us entertaining throughout the jouney of your life.May you have long life and a good health ,May the Lord always shower his blessings on you.

  • munas

    Shahrukh khan is my favourite and he always will be not is ever going to change that and i hope he and salman will be friends again one day

  • munas

    Wow umesh blend i really love your comments i always know that am not the only one who loves him their are millions of people who loves him around the world and that’s because he is so adorable and charming.

  • restate

    Srk don’t need to be uncomfortable
    He has achieved so much in life that he is above all that……there is hardly any actor in the world who can make him uncomfortable ….
    Srk has seen the peak of stardom which remains and will remain a dream for his contemporaries.