Does Shahrukh Khan charge Rs 8 crore for a wedding performance?

Does Shahrukh Khan charge Rs 8 crore for a wedding performance?

The Chennai Express star is reportedly demanding the mind boggling amount to shake a leg at wedding ceremonies

It’s certainly not easy to make Shahrukh Khan dance! Ask a certain high profile gutka baron or any topmost industrialist and they’ll couch for that. Our crorepati actors are always on the lookout to make some easy money, and since quite a few years now, B-town actors performing at glitzy wedding ceremonies has become a trend.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the King Khan of Bollywood is indeed the King among his male B-town colleagues when it comes to charging the highest remuneration for performing and making appearances at high-profile weddings. From what we hear, Bollywood’s Badshah is charging about USD 15,000 for an appearance and close to Rs 8 crore for a wedding performance.

SRK was paid approximately Rs 8 crore for a 30-minute performance at a high-profile wedding at one of Dubai’s plushest hotel last week, as per a tabloid report. As more and more rich industrialists and business tycoons are ready to shell out this kind of money, apna B-town actors try to cash in on the lucrative offers. As far as Shahrukh is concerned, it’s said that he performs only for people he personally knows. Hmm… millions of his fans and well wishers have not bestowed upon superlatives like ‘Badshah’ or ‘King’ on this superstar just for nothing!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Svetlana

    It’s just the height of cynicism. Media believe that earn decently on hearsay, gossip, scandals and lies, but indecent act at weddings. Applaud cynicism and perversion in the Indian media.

  • saddam hussen

    king is king ye khuch bhi kar saktte hai love you srk

    • gurya


  • Carol

    No matter how much he cost. I mean he has got enough money for the rest of his life and do such things. I call it poor and greedy, so yeah it fits to him.

    • Neeta

      You are SO right, I also think it is financial insecurity, I wonder how much the Bwood people give in Charity????

  • Preesha

    Recently,he has been mean to other celebs, … he is now showing his mean side because he knows its time for him to fall.. what goes up must come down… accept it SRK and give and leave some space for your children to take and make a space for them… you will be able to do nothing if your children cant act.its that simple.