Does Shahrukh Khan think Salman Khan’s Jai Ho wasn’t good enough?

Does Shahrukh Khan think Salman Khan’s Jai Ho wasn’t good enough?
Yogen Shah

Though the rival Khans have hugged on two occasions and have grabbed headlines, all’s not well between the two

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were spotted hugging on two occasions – at an iftar party and at a recent awards show. Of course, everyone thought that the two Khans buried their hatchet when they hugged and made up. But after listening to what King Khan said at a recent event, it seems like the two Khans did hug, but didn’t make up. What happened, you ask?

Well, recently, Shahrukh Khan took a dig at Salman Khan at an event. SRK was at an event of a watch brand that he endorses when he asked Kunal Kohli about the last film he watched. To this, Kohli replied, Jai Ho. Ahem! Of course, this didn’t go down well with the King Khan. So how did SRK make his comeback? He took a while to respond while the audience was hooting, and then he said, “There is no accounting for taste.” Does Shahrukh think that Salman’s Jai Ho wasn’t good enough?

Well, well. We wonder if Sallu will make some snide remarks too as soon as he gets a chance. Looks like their hugs were merely cordial or for the sake of it after all, hai na? Tsk tsk…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Fiiroz

    Sensational SRK merit your own films,you had to lift your lungi this time,let salman lift his lungi it will cross 300+ :D

    • salman,s father

      300 crore 125 tal bi paunch jaaye to main khud apna naam badal lu ghar Jaa aur TV khol aur rahi Baat 300 crore ki to uske liye sirf ek word hai aur wo hai BABA JEE KA THULLU

  • Sasha

    Despo Shahrulh- has to use Salman to get some hype.

    • InshallahJailForSalman

      your mama is DESPO! So what sharukh has the right to do so.. it was a joke! Sallu Muderer makes fun of others.. so what? no one has the right ? get a life uneduacted cheap muderer fans.. yakhhhh

    • salman,s father

      Tabhi Salman khan apni ganta movies ka promotion karwata hai award functions mein bheek maang kar srk se

  • HonestAbe

    Agreed Jai Ho wasn’t any Oscar caliber, but so as his Crappy Chennai Express. In a way CE was one of his worst movies and making money doesn’t talk about the quality.

    • salman,s father

      CE was a good movie sabko aachi hi lag I thi isliye itni aachi gayi n on the other hand Sallu,s jai ho was a complete looser and bullshit movie and don’t ever underestimate the power of king khan jai ho kitni aachi thi WO to box office mein pata chal gya tha

      • HonestAbe

        Take your head out of your King khan’s @@@ and see the world unbiased.

  • anonymous

    Why only srk ? The whole nation feels the same about jai ho …..jai ho becomes gaye ho for salman …lol

  • anonymous

    Jai ho was a sunny deol type movie …salman khan starts failing now …
    As for the comment from srk its OK …better than salman who don’t know even how to comment …

  • Jerry

    What a joke. He himself has made fool out of himself., Chaddi express, are they great or even close to be good movies? Get a life dude. Mind your own movies.

    • salman,s father

      Better than. Bodyguard, ready , ek that tiger , jai ho and the list gives on so make ur dirty mouth shut and cry like Salman khan in his mummy,s aanchal got it

  • guest

    For grown men, both of them r petty, Salman is guilty of the same crime if not worse, rmbr how he joked about SRK ‘s injury? the guy bleed 4rm the head but sallu thought that was funny& this supposedly a day after he hugged the fella b4 the release of Jai ho. “TOUGH LOVE ” hmm. Hardly is SRK ‘s comment a publicity stunt coz he has no movies 2 b released any time soon.i believe he ment what he said. Come 2 think of it, sallu said the same thing he even apologized 4 the movie not “living up to expectations”.