Does Sunny Deol want to give bakre ki bali?

Not really guys. We are just talking about his next action film in which he mouths a dhansoo dialogue…

Sunny Deol is back with his dhai kilo ka haath and ready to change the world. Well, that’s what he will be doing in Anil Sharma’s Singh Saab The Great which also stars Amrita Rao. While we are happy to see Sunny paaji in action mode, what’s more interesting about the film is its bhari-bharkam dhamakedaar dialogues. Believes us, they are a treat to the ears…obviously in a fun way. So we thought of making it funnier by translating them in English word-to-word. Read and have fun.

Bali hamesha bakre ki di jaati hai, sher ki nahi

Sacrifice always goat given, tiger not

Badla nahi badlaav

Revenge not change

Duniya isiliye buri hai kyunki ache log saath mil kar apni takat ka sahi istamal nahi karte

World is bad because good people together their power right use not


After reading the angrezi version, we are sure you’re tempted to watch the film, hai na?