Does Vaibhavi Merchant know who Justin Beiber is?

Recently Vaibhavi Merchant, one of the judges of the much hyped reality show Just Dance and well-known Bollywood choreographer, while making a comment on the dance performance of one of the participants, compared her with teen sensation Justin Bieber.

What confuses us here is why she would compare an international singer to a dancer. Is it because she’s ignorant of the nature of his talent, or did she just mean that she wants the girl to be as big as Justin some day? After the cool hip-hop rendition, Vaibhavi hollered, “You are the Justin Bieber of India!” Well Vaibhavi, we don’t know what you really meant; all we know is that there are a lot of dance enthusiasts out there who participate and watch the show because they look up to you. As a judge, we expect much better and intelligent comments from you. Probably imbibing a li’l discretion from co-judge Farah Khan would help. For now, we keep our fingers crossed. You never know, the next time she might just compare someone’s performance with Maria Sharapova’s! To add to the general mayhem, goof ups and guffaws, Hrithik – the cynosure of the show – makes a fleeting appearance every now and then, leaving all the HR fans supremely disappointed, but we aren’t complaining…!