Does Vidya need a Bollywood dancing tutor?

When choreographers think, a particular actress relates to a particular dance form, you don’t really doubt what the experts have to say.

So, when choreographer Longinus Fernandes of the Slumdog Millionaire fame put on his thinking cap and spontaneously answered all the questions in a fun rapid fire session wherein he had to relate a dance form to a present Bollywood actress, without any reluctance, he spoke, what was in his mind. Vidya Balan, being one of the actresses was a part of the session as well. On asking Longi, what dance form comes to his mind when he thinks of Vidya, he said ‘pure Bollywood dancing’, “If tutored in the right manner, she will be really good at it.” Vidya, who’s dancing has always held connotations of being classical and traditional, is yet to prove her Bollywood dancing prowess and do the typical latkas and jhatkas. Hoping to get a glimpse of that in her next movie ‘Dirty Picture’ directed by Milan Luthria, till then we wait and watch, and if it’s not up to the mark, as Longi rightly said ‘If tutored in the right manner, she will be really good at it’.