Doesn’t Jab Tak Hai Jaan song Saans sound like a mouth freshener ad?

Doesn’t Jab Tak Hai Jaan song Saans sound like a mouth freshener ad?

After hearing Saans, we think it easily qualifies as a potential deodorant or mouth freshener advertisement

As Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif get into an intense romantic mode in Saans from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, we are quite amused with the way Gulzar has played around with the word saans (breath) and khushbu (smell) in the song (with all due respect to the veteran lyricist). And imagine the amount of fun we had translating it into English and dissecting the lyrics! So while we aren’t quite sure if the song is a breath of fresh air, we think it could definitely qualify as a cool jingle for a mouth freshener or deodorant commercial!

But as the ever sweet and charming Katrina said in a recent press con that Saans is a song that you need to hear over and over again so that it grows on you, we think we will give this romantic track benefit of the doubt, just for you darling!

Saans mein teri saans mili toh

Breath in your breath I found

Mujhe saans ayi

My breath came

Mujhe saans ayi

My breath came

Rooh ne chuli

Soul touched

Jism ki khushbhu

Body’s smell

Tu jo paas aayi

When you close came

Tu jo paas aayi

When you close came

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  • Teri baap

    You can’t even translate properly…

  • abdirahman boote

    very very very good song srk rocks

  • alankrita

    srk roks..dont agree with u at all!!

  • jeba

    no way… its a nice song!!

  • Pulkit


  • Lallu bhai

    Your breath stinks, thats why u alaways think about moth freshner and all this.
    Youre ttoo tiny to judge this song.

  • Eric

    was this post meant to be funny??? cause if it was, it didn’t seem funny at all!!

  • Pooja

    I feel it more to b abt CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) :-) but mouth fresher or deo is ok too but i more feel it to b CPR :-)

  • afee

    lol. plx translate properly keke

  • Shuayb

    Deboshree Gosh- You and whoever decided to translate this song are COMPLETE MORONS AND IDIOTS! The lyrics are a poem and a poem can NEVER BE TAKEN LITERALLY! Even a frikking grade 8 student could tell you that. You couldn’t find anything newsworthy to write so you decide to write this trash. You used google translate which gave you the simplest and most idiotic translation of a song. No song written for a Yash Raj Film can be taken literally because it is a poem. Poetry has a language of its own. Maybe if you had 2 brain cells to rub together you would have realized it! Seriously! Start writing about actual things not crap that doesn’t even make sense! IDIOTS!