Doggy bag trouble for Kajol’s sis Tanisha and mom Tanuja

A fracas at a restaurant has left the two Mukherjee women red-faced

We hear that Kajol’s sister Tanisha and mother Tanuja are upset over an incident that occurred in a suburban restaurant in Mumbai a couple of days ago. Apparently the two women had dinner at a tony Chinese restaurant and were left with extra food. However, they were not permitted to take it back with them, as the restaurant’s global policy has a strict rule against doggy bags – the chef firmly believes that his creations have to be eaten at a specific temperature and degree of doneness, so will not allow them to be taken out of the eatery under any circumstances. This did not go down well with the two women. And there was a bit of a hoo-ha that ensued. At this point, versions of what happened next differ. Tanuja claims she was shocked that the establishment was planning to throw away the extra food, while she wanted to give it to the needy – the best-fed needy we have heard of! When she conveyed this to the manager, he brought in bouncers and allegedly said that she should direct them to the people she wants to give the food too and they would do it, but she wouldn’t be given doggy bags. However, the restaurant has a different version. The head honcho claims that it was the veteran actor who got extremely drunk and started throwing the food around, breaking trophies and generally creating a nuisance. He also claimed the restaurant doesn’t employ bouncers and they have the entire incident recorded on CCTV cameras. We don’t know which version is true, but we do know one thing: If Kajol, the third Mukherjee woman, now turned Devgn, had been on the scene, this would not have happened. She’s one actor who has a sane head on her shoulders. Too bad she missed some family time and the fracas.