Dolly Bindra continues to irk

The Bigg Boss 4 gets snubbed by the A-listers of Bollywood

If you really want something to sell in the entertainment industry, you either have to be extremely pleasant or extremely unpleasant. Dolly Bindra has figured this one out so well; she belongs to the latter category, and continues selling and getting work, despite the fact that she is really good at making people’s hackles rise. Recently at an awards function she was seen hosting the red carpet section, and the attention seeking actor got a lot of flak for her hosting skills from almost every celeb who walked past…err…into her. Rishi Kapoor asked her to keep her volume low; Arjun Rampal ignored her and walked by saying that he was scared of her; the best one came from Kajol, who with a straight face asked why she was asking such stupid questions. Hello, Dolly, perhaps you are the one who needs a red carpet makeover? Or did Bigg Boss make you like this?